Character Spotlight: Jim C. Hines’ Jig the Goblin


As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a stickler for reading a series in order. I literally pull books off the shelf at random. But I’m excited for the day that chance leads me to the third book in this trilogy (which I’m almost certain we have buried around here somewhere).

And I’m looking forward to it because Jig the Goblin is that much fun.

He’s a scrappy little guy with a pet fire spider, Smudge. And he’s not very brave. In fact, he’s excellent at running away and hiding. But when the universe nudges him out of the daily grind, he fumbles his way through it with extraordinary results.

To get a taste of what makes Jig so loveable, here’s a brief excerpt from Goblin Quest where he interacts with some adventurers:

“Where are you going?” Jig asked. “And what’s a cartographer?” He couldn’t figure out what carts had to do with anything. Unless they planned to build a cart to carry the treasure out with them. That made sense.

Haha, isn’t that great?

If you love fantasy, especially of the RPG and tabletop variety, you’ll recognize many of those elements at play here. Through Jig’s eyes, we get to see an adventure from the low-level mob’s perspective. And it’s a fascinating role-reversal that has you rooting for the monsters in the best possible way.

If you haven’t met Jig yet, I can’t recommend these books enough.

Bonus: Jim C. Hines supports the transgender community and victims of rape. He may not be a goblin, but he’s a hero to me.

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