Changing Perspective

Fourth wall? What's that?
Comic. Panel one. Front facing Man says, Hey, wanna see something cool? Front facing Woman says, yeah! Panel two. Man turns to woman and says, we can turn sideways. See? Front facing Woman says, shut. up. Really? Panel three. Woman turns to face man and says, Holy bubbles. You were right. Panel four, man and woman face each other in silence. Panel five. Man faces front but woman is still turned to him. Silence. Panel six. Front facing man asks, Are you stuck? Sideways facing woman says, No. I really like looking at you. Panel seven. Front facing man says, D'aww. Sideways facing woman says, Also, I'm stuck. Front facing man says, Knew it! End of comic.
The first thing I’m doing when I get unstuck is buying us some furniture.


Wishing you the best,

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