The Dream (Comic)

Every noble endeavor starts with a dream...
The dream. All the stuff I do. This comic, articles, books, knitted items, crocheted items, web graphics, book reviews. When combined with people with disposable income who are living their life and doing their thing, my mom among them, you get happy customers and an artist that can buy food and generally stay alive. The reality. All the stuff I do. Ramble incoherently. Freak out about marketing. Juggle social media accounts. Pretend I don't have a headache. Feel like a general failure. Pass out in a puddle of exhaustion. Hide from trolls. Obsess over stats. Wish I could afford a dog. Avoid humans of all kinds. Glare at deadlines. Meets with my mom. One guess who the mystery patron on my Patreon is. There is a chasm of eternal despair between myself and people with disposable income. The number of people with disposable income today is significantly smaller than it was before the U.S. election.
Does this hamster wheel have an off button?


Wishing you the best,

Ditrie Marie Bowie

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