April #FantasyChat

Details for the April #FantasyChat hosted by @DitrieMarie on Twitter

Welcome! I’ve rebooted the FantasyChat Twitter hashtag as a month-long Q&A. There is no scheduled time to meet, simply find the daily question listed below and answer at your leisure. Be sure to browse other people’s responses and make new friends!

-Don’t forget to add the #FantasyChat hashtag to your Tweets so we can follow along.
-For clarity, don’t forget to number your responses. Either A1 for answer one or D1 for day one is fine.
Please be respectful.

Here’s the full list of FantasyChat questions for April:

Day 1: Why do you enjoy reading or writing about fantasy?

Day 2: Which fantasy author(s) inspire(s) you?

Day 3: What’s your favorite mythological creature and why?

Day 4: How do you come up with new character names?

Day 5: Do you secretly wish you had one of your character’s abilities? If so, which one?

Day 6: Is there a fantasy trope to which you are drawn?

Day 7: What’s one (or more) fantasy trope you’d like to have eliminated?

Day 8: Do you have a fantasy WIP (work in progress) right now? Tell us about it!

Day 9: How would your current or most recent project change if your main antagonist was Godzilla?

Day 10: What kind of character would you like to see more often in fantasy books?

Day 11: How do you keep track of your world building?

Day 12: What’s the first fantasy book you ever read? (Or the first one you remember)

Day 13: Prologues. Love them or hate them?

Day 14: What’s your favorite movie adaptation of a fantasy novel?

Day 15: Which fantasy books are on your wish list or TBR (to be read) pile?

Day 16: It’s an egg hunt! Share your social media links.

Day 17: Who’s someone new you’ve met in this chat? Give them a shout out!

Day 18: How would you describe fantasy to someone who’s never read it before?

Day 19: What’s your favorite fantasy subgenre?

Day 20: Genre-bending time! Are you a genre purist or do you prefer to blend fantasy with something else?

Day 21: Where can we find your fantasy stories and/or reviews?

Day 22: Favorite fantasy villain of all time?

Day 23: Favorite kind of magic or spell to write (or read) about?

Day 24: Zombies, vampires, werewolves, and dragons. Who wins and why?

Day 25: What’s one fantasy book you believe every child should read?

Day 26: What’s a fantasy book you think every ADULT should read?

Day 27: Characters from two different books are allowed to spend the day together. Which two would you choose and why?

Day 28: Would you rather meet a fairy or a ghost?

Day 29: Weirdest fantasy name you’ve ever seen?

Day 30: What would you do if you found a dragon egg?

I look forward to chatting with everyone on Twitter soon. Until then I’m…

Wishing you the best,

Ditrie Marie Bowie

Photograph of Ditrie Marie BowieDitrie Marie Bowie (née Sanchez) is a Puerto Rican in British Columbia, Canada who writes fiction. She is a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) and co-editor of Strange Stories to Tell in the Park. Bowie is also the creator of the webcomic, This Writer Can’t Draw. A classically trained pianist and former educator, she has lived in three different countries spanning two continents. And she met her spouse in a video game.

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