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Steam Punk Novella Recommendation

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A secret project, a world shrouded in cloud, and a break for freedom.

Balfair's ConfinementBalfair’s Confinement, by Phil Williams, is a return to the world of Estalia (which I covered in an earlier review). Told mostly from the viewpoint of an engineer’s slave, this novella is rife with suspense.

Deni has spent most of her life in captivity and isolation, serving at the whim of an engineer who constantly threatens her with expulsion back to “the tattooed man.” Entirely surrounded by controlling and manipulative men, Deni struggles to find her voice and complete grueling tasks around the abandoned mansion.

But when the engineer and his assistant start to shroud their latest project in secrecy, Deni sees her chance. Can she figure out a way to use this knowledge to her advantage and set herself free?

The results may be devastating, but they will notice her at last – and she will be free.

~excerpt from the official Amazon blurb

If you enjoy mystery/suspense novellas with a steam punk setting, this is the book for you.

Content Warning Note: Deni experiences various forms of abuse which may be severely triggering to some readers. Some of these include scenes of gaslighting, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, sexual harassment, and sexual assault.

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