Hello, Blog. It’s Been a While.

I’ve recently been forced to downgrade this site which, unfortunately, means that it got rolled back two years. And let me tell you, being forced to face my two-year-old creations out of the blue has been quite unpleasant. But it also forced me to sit and back and acknowledge how far I’ve come in such a short time.

And how far I have yet to go.

Image by Braden Collum.

In the short time that this site had the snazzy bells and whistles, I’ve been:

  • an English tutor
  • a screenprinting assistant
  • a book reviewer
  • a closed captioning creator
  • a transcriptionist

In short, I have been searching for my place, my ONE THING.

And that?

That was my mistake.

It was a mistake because I’m not one thing. I’m a rotating wheel of interconnected things. That is what I am meant to be, and I’m finally learning to embrace it.

Image by Bart LaRue.

Limits aren’t barriers anymore. They’re doors to new ways of thinking.

I hope you open those doors soon. I know I will.

Have a good one.

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