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New Audio Drama!

What would you do if the company you worked for started to feel a little bit off? And not just in a criminal enterprise kind of way, but in a reality-bending, defying laws of nature kind of way? 

Sticks Shift Incorporated is an audio drama podcast slated to debut in 2020 that tackles this very question. And it’s also my next big project.

This is a story that I began writing late this past summer– right before a major surgery put my entire life on hold. And it’s a story that’s stuck with me ever since. The first three episodes of Sticks Shift Incorporated are already completely scripted, theme music has been procured, and I’m in the process of casting the first batch of voice actors!

It’s an incredibly intense and rewarding process, and I can’t wait to share the end product with you all.

Once the show has been recorded in its entirety, the 30-minute episodes will be released one at a time on a weekly basis. Season one of the show will have at least ten episodes, though that number may increase as the script continues to progress.

If you’d like to read character profiles, hear audio clips, and follow the development of the show on Twitter, you can find it at @SticksShift.

Sticks Shift Incorporated is a mystery about life, death, and capitalism set in a fictional version of modern-day Vancouver, BC. We enter the story just as Skyler Henderson has given up all hopes of pursuing the journalistic career that they’ve dreamt about since childhood. And then we follow along as an overworked and jaded Skyler takes on a driving position for a gig-economy-based company called Sticks Shift Incorporated. At this point, a desperate Skyler only has hopes of squirrelling away enough money to move back to a less densely populated area and where they would have a higher chance at buying a house of their own. But as the story continues to progress, we and Skyler realize that there is far more to this “ride share” company than meets the eye. It also turns out that Skyler’s roommates are not what they seem– at all. As Skyler’s innate journalistic curiosity is piqued, they begin to uncover more and more secrets. But along with those secrets comes increased danger as the forces involved would do anything to stay hidden from public view. As things begin to spiral out of control, some unlikely allies rise to the fore and help Skyler push back the veil to reveal some dangerous corporate forces that may not be so corporate– or even human– after all. 

Did I mention that the show also has a Discord? Join now to chat with me and the rest of the cast as the show develops. When Sticks Shift Incorporated goes live, we’ll have weekly chats where you can share your theories with us. Can you figure out the mystery before Skyler does?

Speaking of Skyler, there’s a patron-exclusive five minute monologue available right now where they introduce themself and discuss deep background about their life over on Patreon.

In order to bring listeners the best possible audio experience, SSIP will need to hire the best possible voice actors to bring our 40+ characters to life. And you can make that happen by visiting the Sticks Shift Incorporated Kickstarter page and backing it today.

This has been a tremendous labor of love, and I have pushed through major surgery, chronic illness, mental illnesses, and most recently a new diagnosis of ideopathic hypersomnia (a chronic illness where no amount of sleep provides any relief for fatigue) all in order to make this happen.

But a show is nothing without its audience. So I’m counting on you to spread the word and be the champions that this show– that I– so desperately need.

Tell us what you think!

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