Creative Magic and Energy Work

Deconstruction of a Light Worker

Imagine for a moment that all the concepts that comprise the the general, shared ideas of modern spirituality have been written down into a single book.

This reference volume would be the backbone of how we teach and learn spiritual ideas. It is the framework that we use to understand our experiences as individuals and as a whole.

But what would happen if that reference book were never updated?

For decades now, the spiritual community has been operating out of a first edition model, forcing each individual practitioner to do their own corrections, translations, and adjustments to suit our modern reality.

And we are at the point where the first edition isn’t just outdated, it can be actively harmful.

So I’m putting out a call. I challenge you to stop passing on spiritual information verbatim without question or critical thought.

Test the information you receive. Question what you are told. It’s time for humanity to move beyond the simplistic and now misleading models that have been passed down (or even sold) to us.

This blog will cover some specific topics in particular need of addressing. These are issues which have been presented to me both by spirit and by experience.