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Fool’s Journey: The Road Ahead


Welcome to Fool’s Journey, A, podcast where I share my experiences as a psychic, intuitive medium, Reiki, master level practitioner, shaman, and many other things.

This podcast, is called the Fools Journey, because I received a reading once where I was informed that my souls, archetype, is the fool from the tarot.

If you don’t know. Oh, excuse my jinglies!

I’m wearing.(jingling sounds)

Jinglies cause they make me happy.

But yes, if you don’t know about the Tarot, the Tarot is used for divination and fortune-telling, and it’s divided into 2 parts.

The based on the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith Terror Deck.

So there is the major arcana and the minor arcana, the major arcana.

I is a series of numbered cards that.

They depict a journey that the fool goes on so the fool is card 0.

It’s the very first one of the major arcana, and each subsequent card in the major arcana is a different step on the fools journey, and there are cards like the Empress and and temperance and justice, and each of these cards has a.

Holds really deep symbolic significance. And it’s also.

Typically if a Major arcana card comes up in an actual reading, it means that the energy that you are dealing with is particularly intense or large, or perhaps large scale.

So it may be something that not pertaining to you as an individual, but it may be something in your environment, and I may or may not talk more about the actual Tarot itself.

As this podcast goes on, but and the archetypal archetypal archetypal.

It doesn’t matter. I’m a fool. The full energy has a lot of nuance to it.

Every single card in that Tarot has nuance to it, and that’s both.

Major Arcana and minor arcana is an arcana, or arkana.


And some cards like, say, the devil. When people see them initially.

There are all of these societal and cultural implications that you bring to the car yourself before you even dig into what the Tarot meaning of it is.

So, for example, a lot of people when they see the devil pop up in a reading, they get really scared cuz they’re like, Oh, no!

Is there a demon? And no, that is not what it means at all.

And the full is a similar card, because nobody wants to be a fool.

Everybody feels like they’re fairly intelligent, able to get it together, and if you’re not, you don’t feel that way internally, then you at least want to have other people believe that that is the case, because you don’t want to be made fun of because you want to protect yourself all valid and

that rational and fair, the fool is actually based more on the court jester type full, which still a lot of people who don’t know about the history of court jesters would assume.

That means that. Oh, you’re just a clown again, someone who’s not worthy of respect, and that’s in in the end.

That’s what we are wanting. And it’s why we inherently struggle against the these concepts that we ourselves are bringing to the fool, which has nothing to do with the act meaning of the full card and taro.

But traditionally, court gestures were incredibly intelligent, because, in addition to being able to come up with comedic material, their lives depended on it, and they had to walk a fine line between the well.

First of all, they were the only ones who were allowed to poke fun at the monarchs, and not get headed.

But if their jokes crossed the line, then they would die.

So they’re constantly aware of what is and is not appropriate.

And if they’re not intelligent enough they’re not savvy enough to pick up on that line.

Then they’re not going to last for very long, and so court jesters were actually fools were actually the opposite of foolish.

They were super intelligent. They were very insightful, and they were very aware of the political and societal and cultural contexts of their time, which I kind of like.

Now that I’m saying this out loud, that that feels very, I feel very at home in that in that description I don’t always nail it, but I’m still here, so there’s that.

But in Tarot the fool represents innocence and new beginnings.

It represents an excitement about life and the world, and starting a new journey.

Hence the fools journey. There’s also every card in tarot has positive aspects and negative aspects.

So, if you’re in alignment with the ideal of what the energy of a card is, that’s the positive aspect.

If you have a little bit too much of that energy or not enough of it, you’ll end up on the negative aspect.

So that’s naivety recklessness in this particular case with the archetypal fool.

Somebody who is a going to walk off a cliff and not even think about it.

So there’s negative aspects. If this energy gets out of balance, which I have certainly experienced in my life.

So yes, cool!

What does this mean for me as my! What is this? I am not cutting any of these out because I’m going to be fully, authentically me.

And this is what I’m like. And it’s okay to make mistakes.

And that’s that’s part of the full energy.

It’s learning to laugh, learning to play. It’s holding on to a childlike, not childish, childlike wonder and open curiosity of the world.

It’s a big, wide world that we have to explore every day like we get to do this every day, and I certainly don’t feel like that all the time.

That is, for sure, actually spend a great deal of time, not in alignment with my own energy, because I’m a human here, dealing with things just like everyone else.

But when I am connected to the flow of the root of who I am, this bubbling joy and this?

A great analogy for it. Is, if you’ve ever gone on a trip somewhere that you’ve never been before, and I’m not talking about the kind of trips where you go, and you have like everything scheduled down to the minute, and it’s super stressful and i’m not talking about

the kinds of trips where you build them up in your mind in advance, and you get there.

And you’re like, Oh, this isn’t like as great as I was expecting.

I mean you go someplace. New 0 expectations are very, you know.

You have the preparations that you need to be safe when you’re there.

But you don’t have a lot of expectations on what it has to feel like until you’re there.

You’re there, and you experience this new place. You know you’re safe, you know you’re protected, and you know that you know there are people around you supporting you.

So one of those kinds of trips, and you end up someplace new, and everything feels more alive.

The imagery is crisper, the air is fresher, the colors are brighter.

That’s that is the architecture, hypo energy of the fool.

It’s it’s seeing what other people. So if you’re traveling to a new place right there are people who live in that new place, and they see it every day, and it’s the same old, same old for them.

So they don’t see it. In the same way. It’s seeing the world with those fresh eyes.

It’s seeing what everyone else or most other people have become numb to.

And it’s seeing it with a sense of curiosity and without judgment, which is real hard for me, but without judgment, and just as new information that’s coming in, and it it’s childlike its childlike wonder.

Oh, I got into a space there. So yes, that is why I named this.

Oh! And I smacked the wall. That is why I named this podcast.

Falls journey, because when that is the seed energy of your soul and you’re placed in a human capsule.

So a human body, and you’re on this planet, dealing with all of the other energies and the constraints of living in, you know, a very orderly space time continuum in a physical body with all those heavy energies.

It is sometimes the challenge to remember that seed of who you are, and if you are listening to this, odds are very high, that the seed of who you are is also, if not the fools, energy and energy that is harmonious, with it.


Energies that are about.

Knowledge. So the magician energies that are about exploring in the world.

So the world.

About, loving. So the lovers like, because the fool goes through every single card.

It’s it’s a. It is an energy that resonates with every other energy in the major arcana in a slightly different way.

And there are some energies that may be a little bit less drawn to the the fool like, let’s say, tower tower energy.

Probably not going to be excited about. I honestly can’t imagine what it would be like to have your soul seed be tower energy that has to be intense.

Oh! If you don’t know about the tower card, I guess contacts would help, wouldn’t it?

So the tower card is another Major Archana card, and it is a card that people who are familiar with the Tarot often dread seeing in their readings until they build a relationship with the card, and then it becomes kind of a love hate relationship because the tower is about clearing everything out that isn’t good for you

which ultimately is a good thing, but is an intensely uncomfortable experience in the moment it’s losing a job so that you can apply for the job of your dreams.

It’s breaking up with a partner in a relationship so that you can find someone who’s actually aligned with who you are and where you want to go and be as a person.

So it’s the breakup point. It’s the getting fired point.

That’s the tower. There’s a reason behind what’s happening.

And in the moment of being in the tower, energy is incredibly uncomfortable.

I have had!

A couple of tower moments actually, and the last 6 months I’ve had at least 4 to 5 of them just kind of back to back to back almost almost like clockwork.

Once a month, and it just it is what it is.

But yeah, that was a digression. I am going to do that.

A lot in this podcast kind of wander off on topics, because, again, that’s what the fool does.

Kind of goes off on a little meanderings, exploring different things.

Also I am going where spirit leads, and just trusting that whatever comes out is gonna help somebody somewhere.

All right, speaking of helping somebody somewhere, I oh, good! I’m still recording.

Sometimes when I set up recordings they’ll just like stop on their own out of nowhere.

Or like sections of them, will delete out of nowhere, because my spirit guides are very involved in the editing and production creation process of these things.

So good to know that I’m still on track.

Excellent. So as part of this podcast I am going to do I’m going to provide an energetic forecast for the week ahead.

Sounds, so like I don’t know. I want to say suave and suave isn’t really the word I’m looking for, but that’s fine.

We’ll just go with it. So I’ve been talking this whole time with my glasses off, which you can’t see, and I can’t see either.

So that’s great. I’m gonna grab my glasses.

All right now. I can see, and I’ve got a notebook, so you may hear some pages moving around in the background, because I looked ahead at the energy of the week to come and I’m going to go over what I found for each day.

So kind of a a baseline for you to understand how to best utilize these energetic forecasts.

So first of all, futures malleable it well, it’s it’s complicated as a psychic medium.

I have seen actual timelines for me. They present as like almost like a ribbon of like video.

But it’s not quite video. I don’t really have a good analogue for it, but I’ve seen I’ve been shown been shown timelines of people’s lives in the past, not humans.

Generally this animals do this, not saying that there aren’t psychics that see timelines for humans in this way.

The way that my gifts are set up.

I’ve only ever received this up to this point, for dogs in particular, I have a very close, energetic relationship with dogs, which I mean a checks out. Okay?

So right. I was going to tell you about the way to best use this energy energy of the future is complicated.

It isn’t exactly set in stone, but there are timeline ribbons, and it’s very complex.

So I’m not going to go into that any deeper, because I don’t think I can reasonably explain any of it, because I don’t know myself.

I’m here with you in in the in the sticks.


The energies that are in these forecasts are going to be the universal energy.

So they’re going to be like, it’s going to be like a weather forecast right?

That’s the analogy they gave me for this right?

They being my guides. So think of this like a weather forecast.

When a meteorologist says, Okay, so there’s a 60% chance of rain, it doesn’t mean that there is a 60% chance of rain exactly in the spot where your house is.

They’re looking at a wide area. And and just because the percentage is high doesn’t mean it will specifically impact that specific spot.

But if you move around in the city you increase your odds of hitting that rain.

So long, story short, if one of these forecasts doesn’t hit Spot on, it’s because you are just in a different current of energy.

Because where you are in your journey.

Okay. I’m getting information out there, being told that there are pockets or bubbles that people kind of get moved into.

Oh, this is fascinating! I did not know this before, so, depending on where you are in your journey, it’s almost like a pocket or bubble of energy will be put around you, and it becomes like your classroom, and so stuff that’s happening in like the hallway which is the energy that

i’m tapping into. It’s it’s the public area, right may or may not be part of your lesson plan.

So it may or may not actually touch you, depending on where you are in your curriculum.

That’s really fascinating. Thank you, spirit. I didn’t know that.

That’s fun. Ok, so.

Let’s dive into the forecast.

So for Monday, so I will be posting this on stage.

March fifth, which means, if you are listed to this on Sunday, March the fifth, when it goes, live.

Hello, tomorrow. Monday, March sixth. The energy is going to be, and I’m really sorry that this was the first the very first one I got.

But it’s gonna be a little unpleasant.

And I’ve got notes on various pages, so you may hear some pages flipping back and forth.



Monday is gonna be potentially an emotional day. There may be some disagreements.

There may be just things, people not seeing eye to eye, people not communicating in the best, most balanced and harmonious way possible.

There’s going to be a lot of.

Is shoes coming up, and the important thing to remember is that this is part of each cycle.

It’s like a monthly cleaning cycle. I didn’t even know it was monthly until just now.

It is part of a cycle, a cleaning cycle, and the important thing to remember during all of this 2 2 things to remember it’s temporary.

The reward is near. You will get through this, but also really listen to your intuition, especially in any kinds of disagreements or power struggles involving any kinds of institutions like school government companies, work even marriage the institution of marriage or any kinds, of like family relationships, it feels like there is

going to be.

But potential for discomfort on Monday. That’s that’s definitely what I’m getting.

So, if you find yourself in that metaphorical hallway with all of this sticky kind of hurt, Bernie, energy is what it felt like to me.

Just take a few deep breaths, you know. Give yourself time.

Remember that this is only temporary, and you’re gonna make it through and.

Yeah, that’s it. Yeah, that’s it. You’re gonna make it.

You got this. I believe in you.

So that was Monday.

Monday is going to be real Monday, E. It’s gonna be real Monday energy, like for real for real.

Tuesday, March seventh, is going to be a.

Very different kind of energy.


One thing, I really want to emphasize is on the seventh year.

The energy is going to tended towards like escapism, like it’s you’re going.

You’re going to feel an impulse. If you’re caught up in this hallway with everyone, you’re gonna feel an impulse to just disconnect and avoid.

And yes, this one is specifically for my fellow and intuitives, which, if you’re listening to this, you probably are.

One of my guides said, do do not rely, they said, don’t don’t rely on a false sense of security, so.

The important thing for you to do on Tuesday is going to be to be mindful in a grounded way.

Be present in the world around you. There’s going to be a temptation to pull away and meditate and get in this hyper, blissful state, because it feels nice to just disconnect from everything, and to remember that you are light and love and this powerful magical being but if you.

Go to this space without. If you go to this space as a way to avoid dealing with the physical world around you, it’s not doing any one any good.

So it’s really important that you hold the light that you have here on the ground.

That’s why you’re here. That’s why you were born.

You got the light here, stay here, their feet on the ground with everybody else, because we need you.

We need you here with us, and I know it’s hard.

Believe me, I know it’s hard, but.

The more that we are connected together in the here and now, the less hard it’ll be if everybody keeps going off into La la Land without any any lights on on the ground at home.

If there are no lights on at home, bad things will happen.

So let’s not do that. Okay. Also, this came out, and I felt like this was a reminder for me.

Because in one of my personal tower moments this is a reminder that came up multiple times, and as a.

An old soul like I have. This is my!

I have over 85 incarnations, and I was on Earth for a lot of them.

It can be very difficult for me to get out of teacher Mode, and when I’m in teacher Mode, basically, one of the things that I’m working on is remembering that students also teach people.

And there isn’t. Hierarchy isn’t really a thing, and it’s something I need to personally let go of it.

And if you’re listening to this and this in particular, is resonating with you, if you’re feeling little twinge of guilt or pain discomfort, yeah, you know every soul, every single one, is at a different point in its journey, or in their journey, because their beings, and every soul has a lot more

to them than what is being expressed in this particular lifetime, and it’s really important to remember that even though someone may be coming across as super uninformed and goofy in this lifetime doesn’t necessarily mean that they are they’re playing a role and they’re doing that in

order to set the stage for something right. So everyone has a medicine, a a lesson, a gift to share everyone.


Da da. Da. I’m just going through catching up on where I was, cause I lost my place, as I usually do.

Okay, so that’s Tuesday. Monday is, gonna be Monday energy.

Tuesday is gonna be stay connected to reality. And just kind of be humble and grounded.

That’s what I’d say, humble and grounded for Tuesday, Wednesday.

Wednesday, March eighth.

Where did I put it?

(sings to self)

Hmm, right? I remember this. Okay, so Wednesday, March eighth is when some more uncomfortable energies are going to come in.

But this isn’t part of that, you know. Regular cleaning cycle.

This is specifically to kind of shunt your development forward, shunt.

Is that a good word for that doesn’t matter. It’s the word that came out.

Spirit shows it for a reason, I’m sure, and I don’t have to know what that reason is.

I’m feeling that anger is going to want to come up. It’s it’s going to be A.

There are going to be some injustices, or perceived injustices, it could be in your personal life or it could be at a larger scale.

Something is going to be going to come up around justice, and it’s going to trigger that anger response which is natural and typically getting angry about injustice is a good and healthy response.

It’s what you do with it that can be potentially unhealthy.

And anger is an emotion that I personally struggle a lot with. .

My gods could tell you stories thankfully. We’re not doing that right now.

But anger is a really powerful and potentially difficult emotion, and it’s one that not a lot of us are taught or know or understand how to deal with properly.

A lot of spiritual circles. Just say anger is bad.

Don’t feel it. That’s not good.

That’s not healthy.

Sorry I was reading over my stuff again, which is great for podcast.


Right. So this anger is going to be brought forth specifically to jump, start a kind of a level up in your development in your soul growth. And the way to accept this level up is by taking time to reflect.

Before you act. So you’re being invited on Wednesday to not react out of anger immediately, but to reflect.

Before deciding what to do without anger. So the anger is there it’s in your body.

It’s a visceral experience. It’s.

Basically a practice session. On what do you do? Anger comes up.

What do you do with it? The correct answer is going to be on the quiz. Guys.

The correct answer is is, you take a moment. You reflect.

From Muir centered, peaceful calm, being that observer, part of you.

If you sit in the anger and let the anger drive the whole machine, just drive your whole body, mind everything, and let it lead you by the nose, then you will not pass the test.

You’ll probably. Oh, okay. So the people who do this first of all, first of all, I do need to say there is no shame or guilt in not passing this test.

This is a hard test. All the tests here are hard, but this is a hard test.

If you don’t pass it, spare has no judgment.

This is just part of the process. You’ll get pulled into your own little classroom for however long it takes to work through this process.

If you do pass it, then this healing is going to help open up new.


Avenues of your intuition and psychic gifts.

So that’s Wednesday to recap. Monday is going to be a real Monday.

Tuesday. Stay humble and grounded. Wednesday.

Reflect. Don’t react. No, reflect before reacting, because sometimes you need to respond.

So reflect and respond. Don’t react. There we go. That’s what I was looking for.

Thursday, March ninth.

I’m just reading over this again.

Okay. So if you pass the test on Wednesday, the next step is going to be.

This is basically the next part in your lesson plan in your soul healing process, and that is dealing with sadness which you may be listening to this and thinking, why would I want to pass the test if passing it gets me?

Sadness. No, no, no! The sadness is already in you.

That’s the problem we’re getting it out. That’s that’s the next step.

So on Thursday, your being invited to think about where you are struggling against yourself, where self-sabotaging, and leave those patterns and those habits behind.

So the overall energy, the energy itself is going to be really expanded.

And it’s really going to support.

This slow, steady, methodical work. Make sure not to be too hard on yourself.

This is going to be really important. Be very gentle with yourself.

Do the work that needs to be done. Don’t push yourself too hard when you’re doing this.

This reflection.

And this doesn’t have to be something that you do all day like.

It’s the only thing you do to be clear. It is something that you can.

If you journal, it can be a journal prompt. What are things that you know?

I struggle with I I I feel they’re asking. My God!

They’re asking me to go a little bit more in-depth about the process of struggling, so.

If you’re like me, you may have grown up with the concept of powering through things like you have to do things things need to be done as you do them.

Regardless of how you feel. There wasn’t a lot of emphasis on listening to science from your body and from your mind and from your heart.

And all of this stuff. And so those are skills that a lot of us are learning.

Now later in life.


When you are starting to feel signs of really burnout things feel like a chore when they didn’t before.

Those are the things to pay attention to, because what these are, there are trigger points, and these trigger points are opportunities.

There are opportunities for creative problem solving, and when you pay attention, when you identify, when you identify trigger points and pay attention to how you feel.

You can create better processes for doing things in your life that are more comfortable and more in alignment with your body, your body type, your neurology, your energy, your everything.


A lot of people, don’t there? Tell me not to talk about that.

Okay, then I won’t. That’s fair.

So. Yes, on Thursday, the ninth, the energy is really going to support listening to your body.

Listen to your body, when all of a sudden, like you’re doing something, and you feel like you’re heavy or like your muscles are physically tensing up almost like they’re working against whatever activity you are physically doing, or mentally doing.

These are guideposts that discomfort, discomfort is information, and that information can be used in a positive way to improve your life.

So you don’t have to do things in a way that’s out of alignment with you, and in the long run he’ll improve your quality of life, your energy, your everything.

So that’s what Thursday’s work is.

And again it can be, doesn’t have to be a whole day thing.

It can just be, oh, okay, that didn’t feel good when I was, you know.

I don’t know. Chucking the mail. Why, why do I have these feelings about that?

Is it? Is it the the root that I took to get to my mailbox?

Is it because I have feelings about what might be in the mail like things like that?

I promise the energy does get better. So we did. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday is going to be a beautiful Friday, March the tenth.

The energy is going to be again. This is for people who have successfully passed the test on Wednesday, and have done the the identifying and the clearing out of space.

That doesn’t serve them. On Thursday, Friday is going to be a free day.

You’re going to have a lot more emotional freedom.

You’re going to feel a lot more a beef.

It’s a really good day to focus on your personal and interpersonal relationships.

Not necessarily relationship like a dating, but like connections with other people, with other humans, and maybe not necessarily humans like, if you have guides or pets, those 2 or plants, plants or plants or people too.

Yeah, there is going to be a sense of. If there were any pending arguments from probably a Monday, or even earlier.

There’s going to be a sense of of resolution coming in, of closeness, and the.

Thing to keep in mind on this day, because it’s going to feel so good compared to the previous few days.

Several days. The thing to remember is to hold your boundaries.

That’s the test. You want to hold to your boundaries while staying open, that’s a tricky line to tight rope, to walk right.

You want to hold your energetic boundaries. So if somebody is holding a lot of sadness or anger, or just really, they’re having a tough time.

Do not take that on for them. That is not your responsibility.

That’s really hard to hear it’s really hard to do.

If you’re an energy worker, if you’re an empath, if you’re a light worker, if you’re intuitive, if you’re clairsentient, that can be very difficult.

That is what you must do this day. You must hold firm to your boundaries in a way that is compassionate and understanding and loving, and be open to other people at the same time, like I said, tricky, tricky, tightrope so that’s the test hidden into the hidden kind of

like on the back end of the reward. But it’s going to be such a a relief of an energy compared to all of the work that’s happened before.

And if you pass that test, so each day is an opportunity right?

And again, no shame or guilt. If you don’t master everything right away, and you get kind of like taken into your own.

Everybody is going to receive exactly what they need exactly when they need it, exactly how they need it.

Energetically and spiritually to be supported and to grow.

So it’s not a race. There’s just kind of like this through line that’s happening in space-time.

And some people get taken aside, and they get, you know, fast tracked, and then put back in, and then some people get taken aside, and they take a little bit more time and get put back in where all were all in the same boat, and the end so again humble, and grounded.

Also I I want to say, as a person I can’t guarantee that I’m gonna pass all these tests.

So I just need you to know that, too. I’m not like some kind of I am magical, but I’m not.

I’m not perfect. I’m hearing it with you.

I just have a specific set of gifts that I’ve been asked to use in a way that we’ll help you as we go through this I heard highway of life.

Okay, sure. We went from a hallway to a highway.

All right, so did I say Friday we did Friday.

So Saturday, the eleventh, made it through each one of those energetic days.

On Saturday. Beautiful energy, beautiful energy! Let me.

Get to that page is a powerful, supported, empowered energy.

If you take action towards your dreams, from an a place of authenticity, from your deep, from that soul seed in inside of you, from your deepest heart.

Saturday is going to support the heck out of that.

Follow your intuition, take practical steps, and it doesn’t have to be a really big thing.

Even the smallest step that you take on Saturday towards your dreams is going to have. Okay.

I heard pay massive dividends in the long run, so you don’t even have to do a lot on Saturday in order for it to pay off in the end what you need to do.

Oh, I’m getting chills. So they’re really they’re like this is for you, too.

Okay, noted. What they’re really saying is, do something, no matter how small, and do it from your heart.

And you’ll make it. You will I can’t tell you one exactly, because this isn’t the personal reading and also I’m not– okay.

They’re telling me to stay on track. That’s fair.

So Saturday is going to be just a gorgeous energy and.

It’s I see. Saturday as the reward that everyone is working towards, and my guides are saying, even if you don’t pass the test and get pulled in the classroom like the reward is still going to be there when you’re ready for it so it’s not like you are missing

out on this reward. It’s just not going to be on the same day.

So again, they’re really emphasizing no guilt, no shame.

You are doing exactly what you need to do, exactly how you need to do it and be open and accepting of who you are and where you’re at.

And it’s okay. And it’s going to be okay.

I think I needed to hear that alright. And so the energy of Sunday, March twelfth.

Again with the page turning hold on!

Okay, so Sunday, March twelfth, if all goes to plan, I will have another episode out.

So you may be listening to the next episode of this on Sunday, March the twelfth, and the energy is going to be really a continuation of.

Of the Saturday energy. On Sunday you will be asked to really focus on nurturing yourself.

Nurturing your dreams, nurturing your community, connecting with your community.

It’s going to be kind of an the energy on Saturday is going to be so powerful that it’s going to be like a giant wave that’s going to push things all the way through into Sunday, and so Sunday is going to be like the the Outflow I’m hearing.

Overflow, the overflow of that energy is going to flow through into Sunday.

So it’s a really beautiful weekend energy and I’m really glad that I’m able to give some good news.

Not that this all isn’t good for you, but it’s hard.

Being alive is hard, and it’s nice to have to know that there’s relief on the way that there’s that you’re getting a break.

So like, I said, I’m in it right here with y’all with you folks, and I’m doing the best I can, just as a fool doing my fools journey.

Now let me take a moment and see if there’s anything else that spirit wants to add before we close.

I was taking a sip of water, and I heard, Nope, we’re good.

All right. Thank you so much for listening. I hope you have.

Oh, my goodness, good luck this week, whatever happens, you’re going to be fine.

You’re going to make it.

And thank you for listening. Please do not like this. Podcast I know that’s kind of a weird thing to ask.

But I don’t want to reach people because an algorithm said, so I want to reach people because spirit said so.

So if you know somebody like in your real life who may appreciate this episode, this podcast please tell them about it as a person.

If you feel LED to do so, but I please don’t.

Don’t like, do the online like, and subscribe.

I mean, you can subscribe if you want to follow along, and like not miss things like that’s convenient.

Your oh, the jinglies again! You’re free to do as you see fit, but.

I would really appreciate it if you do not. I don’t want any reviews.

I don’t want any likes. I don’t want any of that stuff that may bias algorithms to like bring people here who really don’t need to be here.

I know it’s kind of strange and counterintuitive, but it feels like what I need to be asking for.

So thank you for being considerate of that, and for listening.

And hopefully, I’ll I’ll I will hear you.

Oh, my goodness! Hopefully, you will hear me again next week, and if not, thank you for listening this far, and I hope you have all wonderful day and a great week ahead.

Take care!