Creative Magic and Energy Work

Fool’s Journey: Emergence

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Welcome to Fool’s journey. This is Ditrie speaking.

Feel like I just answered a phone like, picked up a phone and said, Hello!

I don’t know if any of you have ever worked in positions where you had to answer the phone.

Say the name of the place where you work, and it’s kind of a funny thing that humans do.

We. We carry this script, and then I don’t know if other people did this. But it there’s like this timbre and melody to how you respond when you pick up the phone. It’s kind of like it’s a song that you sing to each person who answers like.

Oh, I don’t want to give specific examples of places, so I’ll just make up.

Goldilocks Emporium. This is Ditrie speaking.

How can I help you? You know what I mean. There’s like a song to it.

I’ve discussed this with other voice actors. Oh, I’m also a voice actor.

By the way, I wear a lot of hats, like most people do, and that’s that’s literal.

I have lots of hats. That’s very off topic. But no!

Oh, well you know this about me. Yup, that’s how this podcast

Is going, and that’s fine. I think part of why I am here is to give people permission to be messy and messy in a safe way, right?

Not messy in a way that spills over and hurts other people or yourself, but like to be playful.

And it’s okay to make some kind of mistakes, like, there are some kinds of mistakes that you can make them once cause.

Then there’s anyway, that got dark. Let’s not go go there.

But yes, I’ve discussed this with other voice actors before.

How there’s a customer service voice, and as soon as you say that you know exactly, you know exactly like the melody that somebody is going to hit when they’re speaking.

The tone, the energy that’s behind it, and there is an energy behind it.

Anybody has who has worked in any kind of customer or client interfacing capacity has done this magical thing, whether you realize it or not.

You have channeled a, the energy of service, but it’s a very particular kind of service.

It’s a little bit artificial, and that’s kind of what grinds our gears about is that it does not feel like it belongs to us because it doesn’t.

It’s it’s been. It’s a concept of interfacing with other people that has been manufactured with very specific values in mind and.

Yeah, I don’t know why. Why spirit brought me onto this topic, but I feel like somebody needed to hear that.

So you’re welcome, I guess.

It’s also just an example of how we, as communities like smaller communities and on larger scales, co-creating these ideas and concepts all of the time.

And some of them are so embedded and ingrained into our the fabric of our societies.

In our everyday lives that we don’t even we tend not to actively stop and look at them, see them for what they are like.

Money money is, and I’m far from the first person to point this out.

But money is a concept that was created. Time is a constant that was created.

We all co-created this idea, and it isn’t inherently bad.

I want to say that first and foremost, it is not inherently bad or good.

There was a problem that someone saw. So with money specifically the dissemination of resources, I don’t know if.

Whether or not you have any experience with doing trades like trading, bartering for goods, or having a organization.

It’s their global. It’s a global organization. There are chapters everywhere.

It’s called. Buy nothing buy, and it’s a great concept.

And I participate in at my local chapter occasionally, and the concept is, if you have stuff that you’re not using and someone else in your neighborhood, once the thing you can just give it to them.

That is, that is, an you have. There are some drawbacks to that, of course, because it kind of locks.

Wealth, into neighborhoods since it’s neighborhoods, specific.

But if people move in, and out, you know those resources can kind of be crushed.

Long story short, if you’ve ever participated in some like that, there’s a certain amount of in convenience tied to it, because you have to schedule with each person.

And actually, you know, set up for what you’re going to give now in the binding group, you just give things away.

It’s not a trade, but if you wanted like, say, there are other groups, I’m sure that focus on trading specifically and having just kind of like a trade economy.

You quickly run into a lot of issues scheduling, deciding the value of something goods versus services.

You know, goods will be around.

Good they are we’ll be around for a long time.

But services. You know they happen, and then they they effectively disappear because they are something that take place in time.

You know, it’s an experience not good. And so money is one way that we have.

We us as individuals, we’ve inherited this idea that has been co-created by humans to solve the problem of essentially, it’s a problem of logistics.

When it comes to resources again. Absolutely no idea why I’m talking about this right now.

But I am trusting the flow that I have been given, and this is where we are right now.

So we are constantly surrounded by concepts that we take for granted.

This is where my fools energy, my archetypal full energy is kicking in.

I knew there was a real behind it. My guys kind of had to lead me by the nose back to it.

So part of what it means to be an archetypal.

Fool from the Tarot is that you tended to be more exploratory and playful and silly and goofy. But you also tend to look at things that get overlooked.

On like an average day.

Let me. I’m just feeling in to to see if there’s anything else they wanted.

Me to talk about specifically around this because it it feels kind of odd.

It just it feels like I left a thread hanging somewhere that I need to go back and.

It’s okay to be mad. See? It is really it is okay to be messy.

They’re just kind of looking at me and waiting. Yeah, okay, cool.

Life is funny. So, yeah, all of that could be summed up in.

Don’t be afraid to be messy and explore your interests and your passions, and also oh, yes, magic!

You are doing magic every day. All are by coke reading.

They’re like, There you go! You got it again. We’re co-creating these ideas, these stories, these concepts, these paradigms, and we are nourishing them and feeding them.

Energy every day this, this is magic. This is using our potential for a match nation for problem solving for community and for building building projects and ideas.

We’re using that every single day, and it’s important to choose which stories you want to feed and to remember that you have the capacity.

To shift, evolve, and change some of these stories.

Now some of these much larger, like these large scale stories, like money, is a great concept.

Is a great example.

I have mixed feelings about it as a concept, though it is inherently neither bad nor good.

Remember inherently neither bad nor good. It is simply a solution that we have inherited to a logistics and resources issue.

However, there are some people again. We’re going with money.

Don’t know why, but we’re doing it. There have been some people who have been intensely imaginative and resourceful, and Wiley is a great word for what they have been, and they have developed almost the scaffolding scaffolding around the concept of money and they have

built these concepts and ideas in an extremely self-serving way.

Nfts are a great example. When I first heard about nfts I was like, there’s no way.

This is absolutely ridiculous, but the power of that individual’s imagination, and the connections that they had built.

Forced it into reality, and it became a thing, a thing that people were willing to literally buy into.

Despite all of the problems around them. And this is why my guides have asked me to…

We are being invited, we are being encouraged and asked to.

Have the audacity to do the same. It doesn’t have to specifically be with money.

It. That was just a very visceral example that I’ll lot of people can relate to. And I think that’s why they chose it.

They being my spare guides and helping spirits, though you, as an individual, may not currently be in a position S.

S. Socioeconomically speaking, right to make a radical change in terms of.

Like something like money like you may not have those specific connections, and I’m hearing yet.

So don’t limit yourself just because it’s not true.

Now doesn’t mean it won’t be in the future.

So hold on to that grain. On to that thought. Let that rattle around a bit.

But there are.

Skills that you have equipped in gifts that you have inherited, and stories that you have the capacity to change right here right now, in a way that can improve the lives of not just you, but your community small scale.

And large scale. Because some of these.

When changes R. Filled with the power of.

And they resonate deeply, they will echo out and reach out.

I’m hearing into the ether ether into the beyond.

I also heard beyond the grave, so there may be some ancestral healing like.

There may be great capacity for healing that you right now you are capable of it right now.

This second, getting chills as confirmation. Whoever is listening to this you can produce.

Phenomenal levels of change that will echo through time for the better.

I can’t tell you what it is, specifically because this, like I said last episode it not a personal reading.

But I’m feeling a very strong like. It’s such a strong wave of energy that my guides are giving me so to be clear.

I do not tap into people’s individual energy without their consent, because that violation of privacy and personal dignity and boundary, and that’s just. Don’t do that.

Okay, that’s just as a general rule, always get full enthusiastic consent before any kind of energy work on a specific individual.

That is a however, this energy that is being presented to me is so strong that I’m having difficulty articulating.

This specifics of just how vast.

These these changes can have the potential to be like. There’s so much potential in you right now, get on blocked.

Whatever is blocking you, remove it.

Because you don’t need that holding you back. You have the power.

Your imagination. You’re a massive, however it works. If it’s visual, if it’s abstract, if it’s auditory, if it’s kinesthetic, so like motion, whichever way that your personal amount nation is wired, the strongest.

You know, one type of cognition. Way of thinking is not better than any other.

They’re different for a reason. It’s because we’re supposed to put them together.

Are co-creating. None of us manifest out of now manifestation is not real.

We do co-creation, and that is real. We co-create through the gifts that have been given.

We did not create ourselves, we were created, we are.

They’re telling you to back, back, back, down, back, off!

Okay, not to step on anyone’s beliefs.

Yes, okay, I see. And they want me to clarify that that statement about we were created doesn’t necessarily negate the concept that some people hold of how we are all one and all essentially creator.

He gets difficult in. In the third dimension, and the 3 .

And adding time to that.

To put words to concepts that exist in much more complex shapes for lack of a better word.

So to be clear.

I’m listening apologies for the weight. Okay, I’m just going to say verbatim what I’m hearing everyone’s societies, religious beliefs are valid.

They are to be respected. They are to be approached with great dignity and love and compassion.

Understanding of the ways in which they have been warped over time by human greed.

Factors, but that is work for each individual within their own culture and religion.

And not for outsiders.

As for an outsider to come in and do that for them would be intensely disrespectful.

Outsider attempting to do this would be taking on work that is not theirs to do.

They’re also adding that sometimes people do this as a way to deflect it’s a way of bypassing the work that they have to do by focusing on work that someone else needs to do.

It’s an illusion. It’s escapism, and it’s a way to whether they realize it or not.

They’re using it as an excuse to avoid doing the work that is their own.

I’m just waiting to hear if there’s anything else.

They’re also saying, this is a wake-up call.

This is not meant as a judgment or an indictment.

If anyone feeling like they fall into those categories, or have done this at some point on their own, that it is Ok.

They are just giving this information so that people will learn what they should be doing and understand some of the traps.

Have been laid out for us by the ones who wish us well.

I’m just listening patiently to.

They said, that is all. I can move on. Okay, cool. I have.

Very little recollection of what I was just talking about.

Religion, and the…


They heard what they needed to hear. Okay, cool, I guess we’ll move on to the forecast.

Then energetic forecast. I want to check in my guides on one thing first.

Okay, cool. So the energetic forecast that I gave last episode was actually the very first time that I have ever done.

An energetic forecast. They’re saying consciously, so.

Apparently I’ve I’ve felt into the energy of the coming of the future.

Intuitively, there’s sank subconsciously on a subconscious level.

I’ve done this but I’ve never done it consciously and intentionally before.

The previous episode. However, some light workers that I admire do this on a regular basis, and I met with my helping spirits, and just.

Felt an urge to try. And so last week’s energy forecast was me being a 100% archetypal fool.

It was my very first time doing something, and with full faith and trust I stepped off that cliff, and I published it, for whoever spirit leads to listen to this, podcast to hear so, and that is a scary thing to do because whenever you do any kind of psychic work and if

you’re listening to this. Odds are that you are either curious or new to the metaphysical realm.

Or you are a long, practicing, psychic and.

Or a light worker, of who uses other forms of energy work and gifts, and I have lost my train of thought, as I so often do.

They’re like. Here, let me take that for you, and let me polish it up a bit, so it’ll make more sense.

Let us help you make more. He! This isn’t working.

Let’s try it again, like I had so much. They’re the best.

They’re my family. They really.

Oh yes, I was saying it was. It was my first time doing an energy forecast.

Yes. So whenever you’re doing any kind of.

From my experience, energy, work, but especially energy work that involves getting messages and receiving and sending messages for clients or for the public or the collective.

There’s always doubt. And if, especially if you are new to this, I need you to hear this, and I need you to know this, because it’s something that I not enough when I was new, I.

Well, I’ve kind of been doing this intuitively my whole life, but like new to the concept that this is something they’re saying, hurried up, moving.

Ok, moving along, anyway, what you really need to know is that doubt always be there.

You will always have information that comes in, and there will always be a moment, maybe not every single time you do this, but like whether you do this for like 2 months 2 years 20 years from time to time.

You will have a moment where you step back you like. Come out of yourself, and you’re like that.

Can’t be real. I made that up. Did I make that up?

Was that a dream? By the way, dreams are very powerful and.

I wouldn’t necessarily dismiss something just because it a dream.

But people often do. People often dismiss the knowledge and the wisdom of their dreams of their intuition, and this is something that is just inherent to working on being alive in a human body.

You will always experience that, and there’s oftentimes a sense.

Oh, social media is a great example. So you know how in social media there’s, I think this is something that’s starting to change a lot, more especially as this younger generation, Gen. Z.

Came in and decide to shift the conversation around social media.

But there is this trap kind of like this did into social media, where it’s a keeping up with the Jones thing.

You see this curated?

Slide show for lack of a better word like this. Snapshot.

And it’s heavily curated. So people appeared to be far happier, far more successful, far healthier, far more beautiful, especially with all those filters and stuff.

Right? Then they actually are in real life. So end up developing this idea that everyone else is so much better, so much more.

Xyz than you. This is happening a lot in the energetic community with energy work and psychic gifs.

I’ve seen it happen. Again and again, and again and again to my peers, to my friends.

You don’t have to have crystal clear visuals like you’re watching a movie in order to be clairvoyant.

There are many different ways to be clairvoyant, and this is seeing with your mind’s eye, with your actual real eyes.

No one way of being clairvoyant, no one particular style of receiving information is more powerful than any other is better than any other.

You receive the information that you receive exactly meant to, and this goes for all of the psychic.

Senses almost said cesses. What’s a cesses?

I was thinking of clairesentience, because that’s my strongest one.

Which is feeling and clear. Empathy is kind of part of this.

So feeling, emotions, feeling, physical sensations in your body. There’s clairaudience which is here.

This can be with your actual physical ears or in your mind’s ear, clairegustance, which is clear, tasting so tasting something when there’s no.

Nothing in your mouth. There’s no reason for you to have this taste that people get in from psychic information.

Tastes also cliarealliance, which is smelling.

That’s a particularly powerful one. I’m checking in to see whether some very specific experiences that I have had.

I’m being told to save it for another time. So another time all I’ll dig into the the claires.

But this funny thing happens with with psychic senses in particular.

So there are 2 kind of main styles of receiving information.

One is very visceral. It it moves, and like space-time in a way that makes sense to us here in human body, kind of like seeing clairvoyant imagery like it’s a movie right?

That’s we tend to attach more meaning and more power to those, because they connect in a way that makes more sense easily.

You know, hearing complete sentences that makes sense instead of just toast.

Friday avocado, and then having to pull everything together and make sense of it right, they!

I’m hearing you’re getting lost. I’m like, yes, this is such a you know what I’m gonna do.

An episode specifically on us in the future, because it’s that important to me.

Oh, yes, what I was gonna say is.

The second style of receiving information is, you get these flashes right they’re disparate.

They move really, quickly. They’re kind of wispy.

They… You don’t really get a lot of to spend with them, but there can be a lot of information packed into that and so when you’re communicating, and I’m using clairvoyance as an example, because it’s it’s particularly egregious with with this so

you might see a wisp of a scene, for, like a microsecond, but it sticks with you, and there’s so much information, visual information packed into that scene and pull out that if you communicate that, whether in writing or like face-to-face or verbally with someone it’s going to

sound to them like you saw that full movie scene right? The recipient is going to perceive that you have received that full clarity.

the HD, 4k, kind of clairvoyant image, there can be some impostor syndrome that builds up inside.

We’re like, Oh, you’re like, really good. And you’re like, I’m just trying to remember all of the flashes that I saw right.

So if you’re newer to this or if that’s something you struggle with that’s totally normal.

And that is okay.

There isn’t one style that is better than any other when it comes to receiving information from spirit.

I am definitely going to dedicate an episode to this, because it’s that powerful.

My guides are saying, it’s that powerful. Okay, hang on. I’m gonna drink some water cause that. Whoo!

So. Yes, all of this came up because last episode was my first time, consciously doing an energetic forecast.

And when you do that there’s a lot of doubt that creeps in right.

There’s also a little bit of ego can threaten which is why it’s really important to kind of like turn to shut that part down when you’re going into this stuff.

And since it was my first time doing it, the energetic forecast I followed along with some other like.

During the week I everyday I looked through my journal pages to see whether the energy was matching up, because I wanted to know how good of a job that I did, even though that’s not the point.

That is not the point at all, and.

And even if the energy didn’t line up, maybe I had been pulled aside to one of those proverbial classrooms that I talked about.

So there was absolutely no reason for me to be tracking it, but I was still just curious.

It is just the curiosity. How did I do? How did this? Is this a thing?

Because even now there’s there’s always this, is this real?

And it’s it’s very real. And one thing that kind of clinched it for me was one of my favorite.

Energy workers who also does these forecasts, who kind of inspired me to try it, not directly, but just watching her work, inspired me to attempt this.

After I released the episode middle of the week. She did energy forecasts for 2 very specific days in the middle matched exactly what I had said, and I like I almost screamed.

I was like I did it. Ha, ha, ha!

Which is so funny.

It made me unreasonably happy, but also it, you know, having it’s Ok to to want validation and information like that is Ok, and that’s what that was for me.

And that was great. I you never really need validation, but it’s always really nice to have.

So that was, and that gave me the confidence to you.

Move a step further into this. So I have prepared a set of journal pages with this week’s energetic forecast.

There is a page for each day, and it is available for download for free on my website, which I will link in this podcast episode i’ll also say it.

It is. Oh, it’s gonna be fun to see how the transcript spells this.

But it is

That’s D-I-T-R-I-E-M-A-R-I-E-B-O-W-I-E dot C-O-M.

And it should be live today. If you are listening on Sunday you should be able to go there and just download the Journal pages.

If you want to follow along for the week, if you can.

One thing that I’ve noticed, and I’m reflecting on this since.

This is again.

Last episode was my first experience with this one thing I noticed was that.

There are some things that I wrote down in my journal that I did not verbally share on the podcast because.

I didn’t feel LED to. But there are things that became relevant for me specifically.

So that’s really interesting. So on of these journal pages, I’ve left notes.

There’s a space for you to take notes, whether you want to put down questions for yourself to like.

Think about, or like, you know, going into the day or at the end of the day.

If you want to kind of reflect on how things worked out.

Totally up to you, how, how you feel allowed to use that!

If that’s helpful, do please let me know. I’m gonna make more of them.

Regardless because this feels like something that I need to be doing.

And T. The time also actually, I’ll just mention that at the end you’ll have been waiting long enough.

Let’s let’s bring up the the forecast.

So this week as I’ve been doing.

Looking and looking into the future. I don’t actually have a crystal ball.

I don’t think a crystal ball would do me any good, anyway, it’s not how I receive information.

If you do, though if you are a crystal ball, gazer, I would love to hear from you just.

I love hearing people’s experiences and connecting, and I will mention this at the end of the episode.

But I do have a discord, and I’ll postal link if you would like to join and share your experiences.

I’d love to!

So as I was going through this week.

It started to feel a little bit more like a lesson, so.

I was a teacher, public school, and actually of a parent who is a teacher as well.

So I grew up hearing about listen plans, my whole life.

I did not go into this expecting that. But this coming week there’s going to be a lot of.

This or that, not every single day, but there are going to be choices.

It’s it’s like there are challenges and lessons just like previous week.

The previous week.

So I’m just gonna dig right into this Monday, March the thirteenth.

So if you’re listening to this, the the day that the episode comes out tomorrow.

The the main headline for Monday is going to be prioritize your true treasures.

So that which you true cherish. That’s going to be the choice that you are going to be making.

Do you truly treasure?

I’m just gonna use as an example objects or people who gave you those objects.

And that’s a very oversimplified.

This energy is going to be really.

Moving like it’s. It’s.

It felt kind of like a gentle stream, but it’s not going to be stagnant.

Things that are going to be supported on Monday are they’re going to be either supported or challenged, depending on your particular situation.

So some of you will need a challenge to kind of like, build this muscle, and some of you are going to need support.

So are going to be supported in this way. So peace and forgiveness and friendship, so a lot of interpersonal relationships, focusing on balancing emotional dealing with others and partners, not just in relationships, but in not just in romantic relationships, but in friendships, in a

neighborly sense in communities and.

Business partnerships, and there is a real emphasis on thinking things through holding onto your wisdom, listening to advice and choosing with care.

So Monday’s energy is, is not going to be as much of a Monday energy as the previous one.

Here. There’s going to be.

Whenever I go silent like that. I know you can’t hear it, because this is an kind of stare off to one side.

Which I used to stream on twitch, and anybody who’s watched those streams knows exactly what I’m talking about, or anybody who’s had a hero session with me, or a healing system with me knows exactly.

Whenever I just go dead quiet I stare off, and I’m like focusing in on information.

It’s just one.

Okay, so the the reward in here, the treasure of this day is actually relationships.

They may not, depending on whether you need a challenge or support on day in your specific like lesson plan.

But your life. It may or may not feel like these relationships are treasures for you, but the the work that you put towards staying calm, balancing your remote, not taking on a to you, forgiving what needs this, and and choosing mindfully what you say with and.

I with a focus on these relationships here, will pay forward.

I can’t tell you when, because that’s going to be very individual to you, but it will pay forward.

That is tomorrow. So the day after that Tuesday, March fourteenth.

Oh, I want to add one more thing about. Go and drink water.

This is your reminder to hydrate. If you are listening to this on Sunday a there was an energy.

Well, there is an energy. Wow! Talking about time is confusing.

So today, Sunday, there is an energy of nourishing community and relationships.

So Monday is kind of a natural progression of of today’s energy, and I just got confirmation chills.

So there’s a bit of a progression there. But Tuesday it’s kind of like a pendulum swinging, and Nope, they’re saying like a ball rolling up a ball rolling up a hill that’s funny to me because something ttrpg actual play shows

that I watched. That’s Yup. I just had an inside joke with myself.

That’s Ok. But.

A ball kind of going up and down these hills. There’s gonna the momentum is going to reach a point where it kind of like clauses.

Before falling back, down right and so, Tuesday, March the fourteenth is going to be that pause, and you so Tuesday is, if you are not paying attention, and if you are not being, if you are not taking these these actions, Tuesday is going to feel like it’s a

forever! 4. Ever it’s going to be it’s going to feel so long, because if you just allow the energies to buffet you around without actually standing in your power, I you’re going to be filled with boredom there’s going to be stagnation.

And this is also a good.

Litmus test. I’m hearing of how you are doing.

They’re not giving me any more information on that. So I’m just gonna leave it at.

So Tuesday, it’s going to be a test of endurance.

How long can you hold the vibe, the vibe of your truest, pure self?

Now I’m going to be very clear here. I do not condone my spirit guides agree.

Toxic positivity in any way, shape or form. Toxic positivity.

It is pretending to be happy when things are not.

It is bypassing the work that you need to do to be here in the physical experience of everyday life.

It is possible to accept that things are broken, that bad things are happening are things that are not promoting. Your best and highest good are around you.

It is possible to do that, and still hold on to your personal gratitude.

Do, have, despite everything else, it is very difficult to do.

It is something that I am still working on. I will probably never master, although saying that is limiting me, so I hope to master it one day.

That is something that I hope to master one day. I am actively working on, and sometimes I forget.

So again, this test of endurance is going to be really good for us.

A good practice for us. I also wrote down pure reps like this, this is a muscle that we are exercising, and part of it is, how long can you hold on to that mindful attitude and still be present in your everyday life, and the second part of that is how many times can you pick

it back up again when it false. How many times can you stand up again?

Or when you get disconnected from it, because you have to connect to something else, because part of being a light worker while living on earth is learning how to switch back and forth with ease until you.

Inhabit both worlds at once, in a healthy and balanced balanced way.

So the good news about Tuesday is what you’re being invited to do, how you’re being invited to do this.

This is one of my favorite things, creativity and play. This is your secret weapon.

Not that it’s a war, but this is what you, who are the vessel that you are using to spurger yourself onward and forward.

So things that I heard and wrote earlier on is mix the old with the new.

If things get

Things on their head will help. This is an invitation to break Manot.

Creative solutions have fun, have fun, have fun! You’re allowed to have fun.

You’re allowed to play. You are not gonna get in trouble.

If if you’re discerning and wise about what you do.

But you’re allowed to do this. You have permission.

You don’t need my permission, but you have it.

This is also a really important thing to remember doing things the same old way every time, again and again and again creates an illusion.

Of security would it actually is doing, is building a cage around you which is.

The old ways of doing things aren’t always best.

Sometimes they are.

Sometimes they could use a little bit of tweaking again mixed the old embrace exploration, using your intuition.

And this, doesn’t. You don’t have to use your intuition necessarily in energy work ways or in meditation.

Or when I wrote down one ways, because that’s what this is.

This is a woo podcast let’s be real getting more water.

Water makes the world go round, but incorporating practical creativity into your everyday like they’re telling me to give an example.

So now I’m racking my mind thinking of examples.

Okay, this. I guess this is, well, it’s a creative solution.

It’s not necessarily playful, but it creative solution and I do not take credit for it.

So something that I personally struggle with, and some other people who share a similar neurology to me, struggle with, is organizing clothing right?

Or remembering even what what type of clothing we have, if we’re not looking so.

One solution that I saw once upon a time was to put hooks on the wall and just have all of the clothing up on hooks on the wall, instead of bearing closet.

And so that is creative solution. I did not create the solution.

But it is something that is not necessarily the old way of doing things.

It is mixing the old, the new. That’s a very, very small, practical way.

That has improved. My my quality of life, my day-to-day reality, and the change can be that you know the changes that you were incorporate on Tuesday, just to improve your life can be that small, that tiny as long as you are exploring and playing with ideas, and either in and

it’s energetic way, or and this is more strongly encouraged.

I’m hearing in a practical and physical way. Tuesday is is gonna be the day for that.

I’m hearing also something about the more practical and physical way a lot of us have a tendency to get stuck in our heads in our routines.

And doing more visceral practical things in a different way, can help jump, start our brain and that’s all they have to say about that.

Ok. Wednesday. So remember earlier, how he was talking about the ball that’s going up the hill, and then it kind of like reaches that point where it kind of pauses for a little bit.

But before going back down Tuesday was that pause point, you know what that means for Wednesday, Wednesday.

It’s time for your inner warrior. It’s time to shine.

Or you can choose to give up. I do not recommend the latter.

The energy on Wednesday is going to be challenging.

It is testing you. You’ve built your reps, and now it’s time to put put that put that light.

Show off that light. It’s time to grow. That night.

Pay attention to your dreams. The night of Tuesday, the night of Wednesday.

This is a call, a challenge to embrace your champion energy.

Anger, and that is probably at least for me, the hardest thing to do to rise up and feel fully empowered and powerful without being angry.

It is very difficult in these bodies on this planet. In this energy state.

But that’s what we’re being asked to do.

And I’m gonna read verbatim what I wrote down.

You have a choice given to everything, or bring in the fucking light.

Just, no no qualms, no 2 ways about it.

So in order to do that, I’m listening. So I’m hearing on Tuesday you’re going to harvest this creative, shining, playful energy.

And a Wednesday. You need to hold on to it.

Without the anger, and there it there is going to be some.

They’re there. Maybe some situations that will come up and actively try to take you down.

But you forked so hard, and you are so powerful. You’re a light is so bright, just don’t let them just keep shining, just kind of smil an odd and let them you know, do their thing.

Unfortunately, this energy is also going to continue into Thursday and Thursday is going to be.

I’m listening. Whennesday. It’s gonna be more of like everything is going to be pulling down in heaven.

Thursday is going to be more of andagonizing.

So they’re correcting me. So Wednesday is, gonna be kind of like I just want an app for a 100 years.

Kind of a thing Thursday is when these specific situations are going to come up.

Also pay attention to dreams on Thursday night, as well.

So Tuesday night, Wednesday night, Thursday night dreams there’s going to be some extra credit.

I’m hearing gonna be working through some of these things in your dreams.

Some of these emotions. So on Thursday, March the sixteenth, your options are going to be to fight which you don’t wanna do grow so you can.

You can give in to anger, and you can fight, and you will win.

But it will produce, there will be constantences to winning something by fighting or struggling out of any anger.

The better option is to grow. So this is going to be a passionate, really quickly moving energy.

And there are some truths that are going to come out.

They may be incredibly truths. The way to pass this test.

Is focus on building. There are going to be people, events, systems, actively trying to tear you down, trying to impede you and your projects don’t feed the trolls.

Don’t feed them. Your energy, precious, brilliant energy, because that’s that’s what anger will do.

You’re allowed to feel angry. By the way.


You can feel the anger and then focus that energy. All of that extra adrenaline.

Pulled up into your system, focus it on building something, better, focus it on your dreams, projects.

What you’re doing, what you’re creating. If you focus on growing as a person growing things that help people.

You will be blessed. On this day things will come at you, cause that’s life.

But don’t feed the trolls. Don’t do it.

It’s going to be really tempting. Don’t do it again like I said last week, with all of these, if you mess up, if you don’t quite make it the way that wanted to, or you hoped to.

That’s okay. It doesn’t matter any better or any worse than any else.

If you pass it, or if you, it’s like, if you make mistakes, you’re allowed to make mistakes.

These are just kind of like, I said. They’re losing plans.

They’re the ideal scenario they’re the challenges and that are coming up the skills that are being built.

They’re the ideas that are being drawn out of you.

So another way of looking at Thursday energy is that focusing like?

Supreme focus on building that which is good and supportive.

Really supported this day. It’s not gonna feel like it’s supported because of all of the external environmental things going on.

But if you, if you thread the eye of that needle.

Again. It will pay dividends and.

So that brings us to Friday, March seventeenth, which in where I live, many other parts of the world, though not all parts to the world.

St. Patrick’s Day, so that energy is really going to infiltrate is what I’m hearing.

The energy of that day. Now, if you.

Listening. Have a listening? Okay? So apparently, whoever is listening to this is going to be in an area where this is going to be.

The energy. Or this is information that is going to inform them for something so I’m just gonna keep going.

Friday. The caption that I have for this written down, like the headline, is Tricksters, Lessons.

So, trickster, I will do, and in entire on tricksters.

I should probably be writing these down. But that’s okay.

So the the surface level energy of the state is going to be.

No celebration community fun, and like fairy tale type, stuff, very tail energy, nature, and really all of that childlike stuff, except it’s going to be coming from the childish side, because there’s also going to be some.

There is going to be an undercurrent of excess.

Energy is going to be wild energy. It’s going to be abundant.

You’re going to have access to so many thoughts and ideas and schemes.

Specifically schemes. So it’s going to be really easy to get swept up in this energy to be kind of carried away.

If you know anything about the the stories of the Wild Hunt, this is kind of going to have a of the Wild Hunt energy, or of Dionysus or cause and their followers, there’s gonna be A.

Wild energy discerning on how you harness the energy of this day.

Understand that it is fully untamed. Pure energy and.

Yes, just be discerning in all that you do, listening.

You’re being asked to be points of stability in this wild.

Okay. I hesitate to speak of the hidden foe, because I understand that they are a concept that is somewhat controversial in some energetic circles, and and also speaking about them, should be done with great care and respect.

But I have written in my journal, be wary of the hidden function of shadow, and I just got chills, so I’m glad I said, that.

There are, I will likely do an episode specifically on the hidden folk, because there are many kinds over the world, and they have aye, different cultures, motives, ideas, and different relationships with humanity as a whole.

Some of them are positive, some of them neutral, so they tend to go with their whims, and some of them are actively antagonistic.

Whether you believe in hidden folk is entirely up to you.

There is one tradition that sees as spirits of the dead.

So, if you prefer to think of them that way, then it’s kind of a similar thing.

There are some who are benevolent because they’re humans, right?

There’s some who are benevolent. There are some who are kind of neutral, just kind of lost trying to figure things out, and there are some who are actively antagonistic.

It’s exactly like humans on the planet. There are some who are in a place where they’re not in a great place, and they’re actively antagonistic.

There’s some, you know, whole whole thing all over again.

The thing about hidden folk is that they, our this really, morcerally, with us, physically.

So they tend to have a stronger influence on our actual reality.

And if you do not believe that they exist, that is totally fair, and I respect that not going to try to convince you that they do, because if you don’t believe in them, that is for a reason.

At one point I didn’t, either. At 1 point I didn’t believe even ghosts.

So again I will do an entire podcast episode on the specifically because there’s so much cover here.

I will say, though, that this is something that hidden focus a concept is not something that I am just pulling out of ether, because I thought that it would be fun or cute, or anything like that.

I know 2 human beings who have had physical encounters in the flesh with hidden folk, or at least that is what they’ve told me.

Their accounts have… these two people don’t know each other.

They’re both people that I trust, who are very heart-centered and honest and genuine.

Pretty much be the only kind of person that hidden folk would.

Well, maybe not necessarily. Anyway, that’s for another.

But what I speak with them with such speak of them with such confidence.

It is because.

I know to Fay touched human beings, I know, and their lives have changed because of them.

So again. I am not trying to persuade you of their existence.

Am just giving backgrounds where I am coming from, and why I speak of them.

Speak of the hidden folk, the way that I do.

If you do not.

That’s fair like I’ve said a 1 million times this episode already.

I’m pretty sure I have. Okay, they’re saying, that’s off topic. Okay?

So, Friday, just be wary. Yeah, you don’t have to be scared.

Please don’t be scared or anxious. B. Grounded.

Like you’re grounded, but ground your energy. Be the stability for, or be the stability, be the light for the people around you.

They’re going to need it, because energy very topsy turvy in in a way that may not always be beneficial.

That leads us to Saturday, March eighteenth, and I’m definitely gonna need more water for this.


So the energy of Saturday, March the eighteenth, is the first time.

Since starting this. So again, this is only the second time that I’ve done a weekly and energetic forecast.

But just tapping into the energy of Saturday, has opened a lot of questions for me personally about how to handle things like this.

So I’m just going to do it transparently and honestly.

So the information that I received about Saturday was a very strong energy, and I’m going to say right now that I am percent open to being wrong.

A this. I’m 100% open to this energy, shifting or changing in some way to the better for everyone.

Open to that possibility, and when you hear what I have to say about this energy, I ask that you also hold this openness in your heart for something gentleler to be possible, because energy the future is malleable, and energy can shift.

And who knows? Maybe by us all being open to that possibility.

It will shift. However, all of the energy that happens is ultimately for our highest and best good.

Hopefully we can soften the energy of Saturday.

So, and I’m getting chills, so maybe we will.

Maybe we’ll do it. I believe in. We can do this Saturday.

It feels like there is going to be an event, and possibly of global significance.

It’s either going to be that, or individually.

They’re going to be a of individuals.

Let’s say tower moments some very difficult moments individually.

It’s going to be one or the other. It could be a combination.

And I’m gonna verbatim.

And remember that this is coming out of the energy like this is flowing out.

This is basically the consequence of the wild, unbounded energy of fright.

On Saturday, being reckless, ungrounded, leads to defensiveness, and wanting to quit leads to stagnation and overwhelm.

So here is your call to action and the cycle others, and sharing with others from the heart, empowering one another.

Whatever happens between Friday and Saturday, whatever that may be in your own individual life, or in a communal collective level, whenever it is end.

The cycle.

Authentic, and also empower one another, and this is a tricky one to empower someone.

You have to take care not to pity them when you pity someone.

There is a flavor, a texture to that energy that is patronizing, and it actually.

Makes it makes it shrinks their energy a little bit.

It makes them. Child, you know, child size smaller. It doesn’t see them as a fully empowered being capable of doing whatever it is that needs to be done.

So it is okay and possible to feel bad for someone’s situation.

It’s empathy, basic empathy. Take care that that empathy that you were feeling doesn’t turn into pity, which feeds into at Savior syndrome.

You can recognize, acknowledge and accept. That’s something that someone is going through is difficult, and that perhaps the tools that they have at the time are not.

Adequate or the best tools, and you can still see them as a shard of divinity.

As a human being, worthy of dignity and respect, who is capable of more than they?

Of more than they know, and when you hold that energy when looking at someone else, they feel it, and it helps mum more than I can say more than we’ll ever know.

So hold that energy hold that space for others, come what may, is what I heard.

Come what may, do that. So that’s Saturday.

Then we’re on Sunday, March nineteenth. They’re telling me a circle back okay, I’m circling back to Saturday.

This may mean also be for me. Do not hold fear, do not hold anxiety around Saturday, whatever it is, you will survive.

Hesitated because my human brain is like I can’t guarantee that for someone, because I don’t know what’s specifically happening.

And when spirit is speaking I feel like I need to add this in when spirit is speaking they’re talking on a soul level.

Your soul will survive. Saturday is taking so much water, drinking.

Oh, my goodness they’re telling me! Be quiet and listen.

I’m like, Okay, but I’m recording a podcast.

And it’s okay. Fine.

Hold. Hope your job is to hold hope, bring hope. Do not be afraid, and that was Archangel Gabriel.

Energy levels of Do not be afraid. So your job, your mission, your assignment.

Saturday, bring hope, bring love, bring light, and understand, but you will make it through whatever it is, cause you are a warrior, not of hate, but love.

And I’m saying verbatim, your truest eyes have never seen the things that are yet to come, and still you must believe, believe in love.

Think that’s all they had for that. Okay, now, Sunday, much better energy.

Sunday, March nineteenth. They’re correcting me.

They’re saying, no energy is better or worse than any other.

They’re all working towards our highest and best good.

Okay, much of our comfortable energy. Yes, okay. I’m like I’m allowed to have a opinions.

Thank you as the one here in this experience with everyone else who’s listening, I’m allowed to have opinions.

I’m allowed to have favorites. But thank you. That was, that was a very good reminder to have so Sunday, March the nineteenth, the energy is like spring energy it’s like a little fuzzy baby bird.

It’s like the energy of Saturday is the tower.

Everything gets torn down, and then Sunday everything is reborn anew.

You’re being asked to improve the wisdom of childhood, not the childishness, the wisdom of childhood, embrace family.

I’m gonna circle back to that exploration and.

And you’re going to be called to tap into and balance those great big emotions of your I don’t know if you remember when you were a kid.

But feelings. Okay, this is going to be different, for each person.

But children tend to experience emotion, and a way where sometimes they feel larger, like the emotion, feel like they can’t fit into their tiny bodies.

I’m saying that as a person who’s not even 5 foot, the emotions are just so vast and new, and you know children are pure fools, energy, newness, and discovery very, very, very.

Now the reason I’m circling back to family is because if you are listening, there is possibility that you have some not so great memories of childhood and family, because not all.

But a significant number of intuitive psychics, light workers.

What have you are born into families that need healing healers are born into a family that needs healing, and that is uncomfortable.

As a child. So when I’m talking about embracing family, I’m talking about.

And this again may not apply to everyone. But in my experience there was a time before things got bad.

There was a match there was like a honeymoon period when I was when I was like a wee one, very like…

Couldn’t even talk yet that’s the wisdom we’re going just the pure love.

And … just pure trust.

The the part of you members what it’s like to see your parents as members, as shards of the divine.

It can take a lot of work to put aside, even momentarily, all of the experiences between that point.

And now, and if you can’t do that, or if that is difficult, that is okay.

Please do not force yourself to sit in energies that are actively harmful for your mental state and your health, and well being.

That is not productive. That is not what spirit is asking you to do so.

If focusing on family is just something that is not possible right now, that is okay.

Being blamed for that.

There’s nothing wrong with you. It is okay.

Focus instead on that unknown, bounded, unconditional love.

Everyone has access to, maybe harder to reach some days than others.

But listen to that, to the the seed of the soul of your heart.

That’s the energy of Spring and Newell, and vibrancy and curiosity. But.

Love that’s like an ocean. That’s what Sunday is going to be.

And it may be a challenge to get from point A to Point B from Saturday to Sunday.

But if you’ve made it that far, I know you can do it, and if you don’t do it again, as I’ve said many times, you don’t have to be perfect.

Nobody’s asking you to be perfect. It’s Ok to be messy.

You were. Gonna get exactly what you need exactly when, exactly how you need it.

Even if sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. And it’s okay.

It’s okay. To be honest with yourself. It’s okay to that.

You’re feeling frustrated, or sad, or angry, or or like things aren’t.

It’s okay to admit that you feel these feel these things it’s not a crime.

To experience human emotions and experiences. What’s important.

Don’t stew in it.

You don’t let them wash you away.

And part of that is being on honest with yourself, and acknowledging where you are, what you have, what you’re experiencing, and then taking the steps to do what you got to do to shine that light.

It doesn’t have to be super bright. You do not have to be the brightest spotlight in the world.

Even a little a little like glow in the dark glow in the dark sticker if you’re a glow in the dark sticker, that’s something, and we need that we need that desperately.

So. Thank you. Thank you for doing that. Just checking in.

If there are any last things. Oh, this was a lot.

That’s going to be it for today. Thank you.

So much for listening again. If you would like to download the free energy forecast pages, link is they are available in my website.

I’ll post the link in the show note, and if you’d like to come, hang out, talk more.

If you have questions or things that you’d like me to talk about on the podcast more specifically a discord link that I will share, not really active anywhere else at the so it’s best place to reach me.

Thank you so much for listening. You’ve got this shine your light, and if it’s just a little bit.

Be blessed!