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Welcome to fool’s journey, a podcast with an authentic, unfiltered view of spirituality.

I’m a psychic, intuitive medium, Reiki master and animistic practitioner.

Among other things, my name is Ditrie. Thank you for listening.

Today, we’re going to jump right into the forecast for the week ahead.

So your energetic forecast for Monday, March twentieth, 2023.

The energy on is going to be very, there’s gonna be a lot of it.

But like a river, there’s going to be a flow to things.

So you want, do what you can to tap into your own personal sense of flow and presence in the moment.

There’s going to be a…

A focus on growth, nurturing growth and the energy of Monday be intensely protected.

So you’re going to be fully protected as you tap into your flow and grow.

Nurture yourself in your own energy.

Tuesday, March 20, first, 2,023.

There’s going to be a continued forward motion this time.

It’s going to be expressly internal. The motion is going to be more focus towards your inner park knife, your inner journey, and you’re going to start feeling some obstacles coming in mostly internally in your river of thoughts and a lot of these are going to be

obstacles from old paradigms. Old thought patterns that are going to come.

Possibly a little bit of frustration is going to happen when you encounter these obstacles.

These patterns come up. Your job on Tuesday is to make note of what comes up.

Because on Wednesday I’m going to turn the page in a book.

Wednesday, March 20, s, 2023. This is when you are going to focus on releasing all of those old thought patterns that came up the day before on Tuesday, specifically, you’re being asked to.

And these are the 3 themes that in some way are going to come up for everyone in some aspect, themes of heartbreak, of lack, enoughness, or not having enough.

And just stale, thinking of being stuck in a rut.

Kind of a blah kind of experience. So on Wednesday you’re going to take actions to release these thoughts that are not helping you anymore.

These patterns that are unhealthy and unhelpful verbatim.

The guidance I received from spirit was, listen to the promptings of your heart, the tidings from there will start so that’s your advice for Wednesday.

On Thursday, March 20, third, 2023. Now that you’ve cleared everything out, it’s time to really focus on lensing.

So Thursday’s a day to focus on cleansing, on protection, on understanding that you are protected and doing any practices that you have in your personal, energetic practice, or in your daily life, that reinforce the sense of being protected.

And there is going to be a sense of rejuvenation once you’ve done this cleansing you’ve established your protections, you you’re going to get a sense that a cycle has ended and it’s time for birth.

So another page, turn.

Friday, March 24. Now that you have released what no longer serves you, you’ve cleansed and you’ve protected yourself.

You’ve set yourself up to do the work. And so Friday, March 20, fourth, 2023 is all about doing the work, setting her skills to good use and service for others without draining yourself dry.

So you have to be wise. It’s a day of wisdom, of new knowledge, of sharing in the emotions of others with honesty and authenticity.

Without taking on what isn’t yours.

That brings us to Saturday, March 20, fifth, 2023, which is a day full of magic, just brimming with magic

Actions again, not in a sense of fear. Whenever I bring up protection.

It’s not about fear and anxiety, or, like you are fighting.

So it’s being solid and reinforcing the understanding and the knowledge that you are protected and doing whatever you need to do to really set that intention in your place in the world.

It’s going to be a day again of knowledge, perception, clarity.

There’s going to be a lot of really psychic information and hidden knowledge, secret knowledge that’s going to come to life. It’s going to be a very magical.

Perhaps a bit more introspective day, but not necessarily.

It depends on your specific situation. Okay. Another page. Turn. Sunday, March 20, sixth, 2023.

This I was given such a beautiful image. For this I was shown a hand that was outstretched, and there was a ray of sunlight shining down in the hand of the hand appeared to glow in the sun’s, and it was holding a flower as if it was offering a flower.

forward to be taken, so on, Sunday. It’s the culmination of what we’ve been working towards for this whole week.

Not that I’m not going to go into that tangent side tangent.

I will read verbatim from my notebook.

This is not verbatim from spirit. This is my summary of what I received, so judgment of self, and others leads to over.

The message is to look past your emotions, to balance and share with others and their emotions in a healthy and balanced, especially in institutions.

The hierophant kept coming up in my Tarot card poles.

And the Hierophant usually represents institutions…

of some kind.

If you do this, if you release judgment and focus on balanced, sharing, balanced community, this will bring in the sunlight the gift of that flower revelations.

Will you will more secrets, more magical information, spiritual? Aha!

Moments, Eureka. Moments will come to light if you just release the judgment.

I was also shown 2 outcomes. If we hold onto the judgment on to those old patterns of judging ourselves and others and reacting out of that sense of judgment.

Any thought in between. We are going to be in a state of stagnation.

So one of the images that came forward was ice. So if we stay in judgment, we ice ourselves out from the community and from our possible better futures, the outcome, if we release that judgment of herself and others and connect to others in a heartfelt and balanced way, the words, that came forward with respect

warrior, authority, leader, analytical balance. Again. So balance is really an important theme for Sunday, and March 20, sixth, 2023, and that is the energy forecast for the week ahead.

The Companion Journal pages for this week’s energetic forecast is available for my website.

I will post a link in the show notes. So for the next several episodes I’m going to cover the clairs C-L-A-I-R-S.

I guess I don’t know if there’s an E between.

No matter at this moment, but not the name “Claire.” Clair- means clear or clarity, and the various Claire’s are psychic senses that we use receive information from the universe, from our reality.

They are senses that are not tied to recognized sense organs scientifically proven way.

I’ll say, however experientially, there is substantial evidence, in my opinion, that these senses are very real, and part, perhaps, part of a physical mechanism that is, as of yet not well understood by science.

Perhaps the most well known clair- is clairvoyance.

So if you hear that somebody’s clairvoyant odds are, you know what I’m talking about, what I mean?

However, I am not going to start with clairvoyance. I’m going to start with a clair- that is very.

I’ll say personal to me. It is perhaps my strongest clair-, and some powerful and highly accurate evidential spirit.

Mediums, so mediums, who bring forth. They focus on bringing forth specific evidence to roof to their client, that the spirit that they are connecting with is who they say they are.

Usually they do this. You know what I’ll cover mediumship on an episode.

But one of the most powerful mediums that I’ve ever met.

And okay, I’m not gonna go into side tangents.

I’m gonna focus. I’m doing good here clairsentience is also her primary…

Sense, and I’ll go ahead and drop her name. Her name is Danielle Searancke.

She goes by the Squamish medium. She has created Spirit School.

I believe her podcast is also called Spirit School podcast. I will post links to her resources and places that you can find her in the show notes as well.

But yes, clairsentience or clairsentience for clarity’s sake.

Is receiving information by experiencing it physically in your body, but it isn’t making a physical impact.

So when you get clairsentient information you feel in your body as if something is physically happening to you.

Oftentimes, when it’s clairsentient information, spirit, universe, spirit guides, they will be nice, and they will not give you the full brunt and full impact of what the person or individual that you are connecting to has experienced or is experiencing that would knock you right out in some

instances depending on the information that is being received, and the strongest example that I have of this for my own life is from when my maternal grandmother passed away.

This happened about 3 years ago. My maternal grandmother lives in Puerto Rico, so Puerto Rico and I live on the mainland continent of North America, on the opposite coast, and up some so north way north of where she was so the last time that I saw my maternal

grandmother who is my last surviving grandparent at the time, had been maybe a decade, was the last time I’d seen her in person, because travel is expensive.

And there are other mitigating, complicating factors, one of which being that I was in the process of becoming an immigrant, I mean, I wasn’t immigrant of becoming a citizen in Canada, and there’s certain requirements in that process of you know staying in country.

And I didn’t want to complicate things by leaving. Also, at the time my grandmother was fairly healthy. There were no pre existing conditions that we knew about other than you know, just typical old age trouble with eyesight, but that had been taken care of.

When she past. It was very sudden. I can feel her here with me now.

I will call her Abuela, because I’m Puerto Rican.

So my Abuela is here with me now, and she just flickered the lights to kind of encourage me to continue.

Okay. So I will. So, leading up to my grandmother’s passing, we had no indication that there was anything wrong.

She had had. Huh! That’s a fun sentence!

Okay, focusing. I’m focusing some, some, you know, some periods where she felt unwell, like the week prior.

So still very close to the time of her actual passing and in retrospect what we suspect happened was, she was having some mini strokes because a stroke is actually what wound up, taking her life, not taking it she says ending it bringing me home.

Okay, Abuela, thank you. So the morning that my grandmother passed away I woke up with an intensely sore throat.

I actually thought at first that I had allergies, or that I was getting sick.

But there was no reason for me to be ill, but sometimes things happen, so I pushed off that piece of clairsentient information away, and until I received a message from my brother, asking if I had heard about Arab Willa, who at that time was in the hospital and at the moment that I was dealing with a sore

throat. She was actually in the process of being intubated, which is a process that it can be very difficult on the throat is very difficult on the throat.

Physically, so I was already. I woke up that morning, experiencing the discomfort of being intubated only that clairsentient information was vastly the level of pain.

Right, was vastly reduced, and to the point where I thought that it was a mere coughs.

I was getting sick, but it was, in fact, my connection to my Abuela that I was receiving psychic information for, and the reason that I was receiving this clear, clairsentient information is because she would not survive the day, and so I was messaging with my family back and forth.

There’s an information network. If anybody, if you know or know anyone who is or are a Latino Latinx family member, you know that there is talk, and that’s how information gets passed around.

So everybody all over. We are spread out in various countries.

We’re all trying to connect with our matriarch and figure out what was going on, and I got the sense in my bones, not physically, because we are talking about Clara sentence.

I actually got the claircognizant sense, which is something I will discuss in another episode.

But I simply knew that she was going to die this day, and she would not survive.

So I started preparing my my family emotionally for the possibility that she was not going to keep living.

Stay among us. She had lived a long life, she had many, many children.

There is no reason for her to fight through recovering from a stress in the intubation and everything else.

At the height of Covid. Too well, not really at the height, but in the midst of Covid.

And so I was tasked with preparing my family emotionally for this, and but clear clairsentience came back.

I felt a prick in my arm. And it was a very distinct, it felt like I had been bitten by a bug by an insect or a mosquito, and there were no bugs around me.

Nowhere around me, and the clairsentience to that was so strong that my skin actually formed a raised bump, as if I had been bitten by a bug.

But again I wasn’t around any insects, no spiders. There was nothing.

I checked a million times. There is nothing there is no way that…

I could have been bitten by anything, and I actually have pictures to this day of the bump that was raised on my arm, where I felt clearly I was connected to the spot where she was actually being injected with medicine, and I checked.

It was the same arms, saying, place where she was injected with medicine.

They were trying to save her life, and so I felt the puncture as the medicine went in, and I felt a chill run up my arm as the medicine was running up her arm, and I felt an intense sense of nausea, and discomfort all through my internal organs all my

internal systems. And I knew I knew she was not doing well.

Later I found out that she had a bad reaction to the medicine again.

In real time. I did not have any of this information. All I had to go on was this clairsentient information that I was receiving?

It felt like a visceral physical thing that I was experiencing too much milder did clearly than she was, but they were senses that felt like they were happening to me.

Though not as extreme as to her, and there was no explanation for them in my physical environment.

There is no way or reason that my body should be experiencing the things that they were.

And this is very important with clairsentience. You you need to make sure that the pain, the discomfort, whatever it is that you are feeling, and it’s not always uncomfortable feelings to be clear.

But if you are feeling something that could be a medical condition like in this instance, I was connected to someone who’s really dying, it’s really important to not brush that off.

And if you have any doubt whatsoever, please, please please go to a hospital hospital, see a doctor immediately.

If you can’t work it, work out what it might be, because the danger of clairsentient information is when it’s actual things that are going on in your body that need to be addressed.

So always, always have an awareness. If if you experience clairsentient, it’s really important to disprove as strange as that sounds, to disprove what it is that you’re experiencing.

So you want to see if you can locate a cause or a source for what you are experiencing.

If you do not, then it is likely clairsentient Psychic Information.

However, some of that proving process requires a medical professional.

In my case it did not, because again the discomfort that I was feeling was not to the level that it would be if there were an actual medical emergency going on inside of my body, not inside of mine.

So I was feeling this intense unease, and then I was.

My entire body. It was like the sense of cold that rolled through it through my whole system like a wave, and it was the holdest that I have ever been in my life, and that was the moment that she fully passed away and left her body, and so I was clear sent experiencing deaf as a dead body, it

was very cold, so cold, and I at the time had energetic practices that I was able to use to disconnect myself from that information, because I did not need that information.

I knew that she had passed later. My family did confirm that she did pass at the time that I felt that chill and well, there may be more to this story later, perhaps, in my mediumship episode.

So that’s a very visceral way.

A an example of how clairsentience has really left an impact in my life.

So clairsentience is information that you will receive that can be in the form of things that you would experience in your body as sensing hot warmth, cold shell, soft pressure, pain, tickling, vibrating, buzzing, although buzzing can also be auditory, prickling, nausea

so any kind of like internal experience that you can have it inhabit physically as a body.

You can also receive psychic information in that way. Sometimes.

This also in my case, melds into what I call clairkinesthesia.

So you also get a sense of motion. So a sense of direction, of movement.

So there’s kind of like a your inner ear is telling you that something’s turning, or twisting, or rushing, or up or down.

A sense of gravity, of weight. Weight is another good one.

And also buoyancy, lightness. So that’s the kind of information that you get with clairsentience.

It’s really visceral. It’s a really physical experience, even though it isn’t produced by anything in your physical experience.

And one of the tricks with people who have clairsentience not trick like “haha! Got you?”

But one of the challenges that people with clairsentience.

Experience is determining, and I’ve hinted at this before determining whether the sensation is yours or belongs to someone else.

So another example from my life when I was a child. Sometimes I remember distinctly I was in a grocery store, and my mother was grocery shopping, and I was with her. I was like, maybe I don’t know, and she was complaining about her stomach hurting her stomach

was hurting, and I was like my stomach hurts, too, and I wasn’t just echoing it like a kid, saying, Oh, yeah, I empathize.

So I’ll say that I have the thing that you have my stomach was like twisting itself up on the inside.

It felt really painful. Well, my mom looked at me like, of course your stomach isn’t hurting. You don’t have what I have, because she was experiencing from her menstruation, and I was 6 at the time.

So I was not experiencing the same pain that she was, and yet there was nothing wrong with me.

There wasn’t my had no reason to be upset.

My diet hadn’t changed. I wasn’t sick.

I was literally experiencing on a much smaller scale the pain that she was experiencing from an unbalanced monthly cycle.

So when you are clairsentient, sometimes you will experience things that don’t belong to you.

The, the procedure you have to go through is you have to, as I hinted at before, you have to determine whether the sensation belongs to you or not, which sounds bizarre, but it’s a it’s a very real and necessary practice.

For somebody who has clairsentience especially, and if you don’t have a really strong shield yet, or guard yet.

And I’ll go into that a little bit later. In another episode.

I’m just making up episodes for myself. Now, this is great.

So, yeah, I will share one more example of clairsentience.

So that I experienced actually, I will share too. And these are these don’t involve pain, just so that you know the clairsentience isn’t always uncomfortable, and it isn’t always bad.

So 2 signs that my spirit guides often use to communicate with me, and usually the they do this to affirm, to verify or confirm something with me is, first, I will burp.

They? I don’t know why they love giving me the Burps, but they will give me a burp clairsentiently to say, “Yes, that is correct,” and also chills and full body chills or chills on one specific part of my body where they’re like focusing energy.

Or healing, and it’s not like chills like I’m shivering.

It’s chills like it’s it’s a pleasant experience.


Also another thing, that people with clairsentience will will experience, especially when guides are trying to reach out to them, or other spirits trying to reach out to them.

They will experience taps so it will feel like somebody’s tapping on the shoulder tapping you on the top of the head, poking your forehead.

You’ll feel taps, and sometimes you’ll feel like like someone’s putting hands on like your shoulder or your back.

So that is also a kind of clairsentience. If you experience clairsentience, or you have questions, or curious, more information, please join my discord.

Feel free to ask questions and I’ll do my best to answer them on the next episode of the podcast thank you.

So much for listening again. Please do not rate or review the show.

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I don’t want this podcast. To be spread by an algorithm or by numbers.

I want people who really connect with my words with the information that I’m given to come and find the show, preferably by direct referral from one human being to another human being.

If you know somebody who you think may be interested in this, podcast who may benefit from this podcast.

Please tell them directly; it can be in person. You can message them.

I would really really appreciate that.

This podcast is still very young. It has lots of room to grow.

I promise there will be intro music eventually. I’m actually waiting for a lute come in so that I can create some intro music for your enjoyment.

And if you’re interested, I may also add some add a sound healing component to this podcast, so let me know in the Discord.

Again link in the show notes to the Discord. Let me know in Discord…

if that’s something that you would be interested in receiving some sound healing.

So. Yes, thank you so much for listening, and have a beautiful week.

A wonderful day… time be blessed, be safe, and take care.