These epic Valentine’s Day gifts are sure to make the bookworm in your life smile. Even if that bookworm is you. 🙂
6 Epic Valentine's Day Gifts

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Whether you’re trying to find out what to do for Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day, this shortlist has a little bit of something for everyone. And don’t be surprised to find some baking tools on this list. After all… [bctt tweet=”The quickest way to anyone’s heart is dessert.” username=”ditriemarie”]

Are you psyched and ready for the main course? Let’s dive in!

6 Epic Valentine's Day Gifts
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Confession: I am a book nerd. Most of these will involve bookish humor. I apologize for nothing. Here are my top 6 epic Valentine’s Day gift recommendations.

The Shirt

I bought the women’s version of this exact shirt a couple of years ago. Despite the capitalization and punctuation errors, this shirt still gives me a chuckle. Especially when I wear it out in public. The women’s size can run a little small, especially if you are well-endowed or have really big biceps. (Yeah, biceps. That’s my problem.) Two years in, and I’ve only just started dealing with the occasional loose thread.

6 Epic Valentine's Day Gifts

The Book

The title of this book made me giggle. Published in 2016, this book combines photographs with short captions, hashtags, and interviews. And, yes, every photograph features a man reading, hence the title: Hot Dudes Reading. 

The Mug(gle)s

6 Epic Valentine's Day Gifts
See what I did there? If you enjoy Harry Potter themed puns, you’ll love these sweet mugs. Oh, quidditch, you rascal, you. Did I mention this mug set includes free shipping?

The Card

6 Epic Valentine's Day Gifts
This card made me laugh out loud. Yes, I am the snorer in my relationship. (My poor husband.) This is designed by Marta over at Quqla Printables on Etsy. Her background is graphic design and book cover design, so her work is right at home on this blog. When you purchase this from her, be sure to leave her a review.

The Cookie Cutter

6 Epic Valentine's Day Gifts
People use the term cookie cutter to describe something plain and boring. But this cookie cutter is anything but that! With nested shapes like this, there’s so much room for creative variation with your tasty Valentine’s Day baking. Both this item and the next one are sold by an award-winning Canadian company called Golda’s Kitchen. Founded by passionate bakers who had a difficult time finding the proper equipment back in 1999, they now sell over 13,000 products. Plus they offer in-person baking classes and certifications. And speaking of learning about baking…

The Other Book

6 Epic Valentine's Day Gifts

That’s right. They also sell a handful of books, including this how-to called Gravity Cakes! If you like to bake and are looking for a challenge, these sculpted cakes are the way to go. This book features 45 different ones to choose from. Happy building baking!

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