As busy, stressed people, we could all use a little self care every now and then. Here are some truths that might help you reboot and reconnect.

💜Your worth isn’t tied to what you do. You are infinitely more valuable than that.
💜 You are allowed to make mistakes. We all do. Mistakes don’t mean you’re incompetent, stupid, or weak.
💜 Every atom in your body is the same age as every other atom in the universe. You are timeless stardust.
💜 What people say about you tells you more about them than it does about yourself.
💜 You are more important than you realize.
💜 You have the right to exist, take up space, have a voice, and you matter a whole hecking lot.
💜 Everybody struggles with their body. Everybody.
💜 Most people aren’t as successful as they seem on social media. Everyone has burdens.
💜 And most people want to help you, too. All you have to do is know how to ask. That takes practice.
💜 No heartbreak, no matter how intense, stays as dark and vivid as it initially feels forever. (This wisdom comes from experience. I’m a survivor of child abuse. And a couple of my friends were murdered.)
💜 Mental illness isn’t imaginary. Taking medication and seeing a therapist doesn’t make you weak or dangerous. It means you care about your health. Anyone who mocks you for this doesn’t care about your health as much as they might say they do.
💜 Whenever possible, stay away from negative people both in real life and online. Especially if they like to tear you down.
💜 The music you listen to, stories you read, and shows you watch affect your mood and energy more than you may consciously know. Choose wisely.
💜 You are more than your thoughts and feelings. You have more control than you might realize.
💜 It is okay to rest. It is okay to go slowly. It is okay to fail. Failure is the beginning, not the end.

I hope these words brighten your day. ☺️

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