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April is Stress Awareness Month. This is an excellent time to get off the old hamster wheel and review your life.

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According to The American Institute of Stress, there are actually four different kinds of stress that you can experience:

Acute: intense. Takes the body 90 minutes to recover. Chronic: slowly builds over time. Eustress: positive stress (promotions, graduation). Distress: negative stress (job loss, divorce).

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Here are some quick statistics from 2017:

  • Job Pressure is the number one stressor in the U.S.
  • 77% of people regularly have stress symptoms
  • Over half of Americans experience fatigue as a result of stress

But chances are you’re nodding your head to a lot of this information. You can feel it in your bones. The unfocused fog-brain, the aching limbs, the pounding headaches that never seem to end. And if you’re a mother on top of that? Well, you’ve got a whole extra level of stressful inputs.

One solution is to use apps to cut down on your workload. Check out this article for more info.

If that still doesn’t work, check out Oxford Momma.

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How Oxford Momma Helps Reduce Stress

Oxford Momma is a monthly subscription self-care box. Each box contains one bestselling book for moms (either fiction or nonfiction), an aromatherapy candle, a postcard/print with inspirational art, and at least one more handmade item.

If surprises make you anxious or you’re worried you might get a book you already own, they release a sneak preview just before the box goes out. So instead of getting an extra copy of something you already have, you can email them for a substitute in your box.

You also don’t have to worry about shipping. Each box comes with a tracking number that you can check from your computer or phone.

And if expenses are tight one month, you have the option of skipping that month instead of having to cancel completely. They’ve thought of everything.

But What if I’m Not a Mom?

You absolutely do NOT have to be a mother to join Oxford Momma. It’s not like there’s an exam to join. As long as you don’t mind reading mother-themed books and feminine self-care items, you’re welcome to join.

Treat yourself to a little "me" time every month with oxfordmomma.com

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