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Today’s book contains graphic language and several sex scenes and sexual references. If this is something you’d rather avoid in a book, absolutely no judgment here. Thank you for stopping by, and I’ll catch you next week. 🙂

Marriage isn't Always All it's Cracked Up to Be: a book review.

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When I Let You Go, by Lily Foster is the sixth book in her Let Me series. If you’ve read this blog any amount of time, you probably already know that I rarely read a series in order. But this series focuses on a small group of upper-class families through at least a couple of generations, so there is a rich history that unfolds from one book to the next. However, for people who read out of order, like me, this novel is fairly easy to follow— although the shift from the prologue to the first chapter was a bit disorienting (to me) at first.

This is THE book to read if you want to follow a character that you’ll love to hate. Dylan is a middle-aged husband with a frat-boy soul. The outright misogyny that leaks off the page from his point of view is horrifying, but (unfortunately) realistic. His character arc, alone, is worth the read. But the book also features a romance between two characters with a huge age gap between them. And this brings up a lot of super weird and uncomfortable moments in the book that are simply beautifully written. Though you may not quite care for the characters at first, you will probably find yourself rooting for them in the end. The pacing and interleaving of points of view are so masterfully done, that I swallowed this whole book in a night. That is incredibly rare for me and goes to show just how skilled Lily Foster’s writing ability really is.

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