10 Brilliant Book Covers
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10 Brilliant Book Covers


Sometimes design is better than good— it’s brilliant.

10 Brilliant Book Covers

I get a commission for purchases made through links in this post at no cost to you.

I adore eye-catching and clever book covers, don’t you? They spark the imagination. And you have to admire the creativity that goes into some designs. Here’s a list of book cover ideas that caught my attention.

1. This Tiny Perfect World

2. The Poet X

3. From Unseen Fire

4. The Summer of Broken Things

5. The Last to Let Go

6. You’ll Miss Me When I’m Gone

7. The Astonishing Color of After

8. Anger is a Gift

9. Paradox Bound

10. Head On

What did you think of this list? Which covers did you love? Were there any that you disliked? Let me know in the comments below!

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10 Shocking Purple Book Covers

10 Shocking Purple Book Covers
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10 Shocking Purple Book Covers

Purple is so royal.

10 Shocking Purple Book Covers
Purple. Lavendar. Lilac. Such a rich color range with so many possibilities. From the sweet and juicy purple of Concord grapes to the plush, velvety purple of royalty. This hue has quite a bit to offer.

Here is a list of ten covers that utilize the rich tint in inspiring and creative ways.

Also, this post has affiliate links for your convenience, at no cost to you. Basically, if you fall in love with one of the books below and make a purchase, I will earn a commission. It’s a win-win, right?

Without further ado, let’s begin:

1. Across the Universe

This mystical cover makes use of deep purples and magenta. There’s also a hint of the cups/faces illusion which adds to the mind-bending feel.

2. Half-Blood

And there is no doubt that light purple and black look amazing together. The central flower has a smoky, ethereal quality to it. Hauntingly beautiful.

3. Smokin’ Seventeen

I love that the author’s name is Plum. This purple cover features a textured background almost like a satin sheet. And the 3-D numbers are covered in beads of water.

4. The Dark Divine

And here is another example of a cover that ties black, white, and purple together. The translucent and ribbon-like quality of the purple cloth draws the eye in toward the figure.

5. Fifth Grave Past the Light

This cover plays to purple’s haunting qualities. The gritty texture in the background, the smoke rising from the center to the silver skull necklace. Everything on this cover bodes of the supernatural.

6. The Sleeping Beauty Proposal

And here we have a more pastel shade. The interplay between lilac, white, and silver ties everything together neatly. The sparkles don’t hurt, either.

7. Club Dead

This cover reminds me of Bewitched and Dracula. (And yes, the story has vampires but no nose-twitching witch.) Again we see purple tied to a supernatural story.

8. Down the Darkest Road

And this cover displays a vibrant purple sunset (or sunrise?) along with a purple-tinted road. There is an air of spookiness and danger to this cover.

9. Odd Thomas

I love, love, love Dean Koontz’s writing. And this is a book I owned at one point. (It got lost in one of my many moves.) Once more, purple is used to hint at mysterious and mystical things. There’s an ephemeral sense to this cover that leaves one wanting to know more.

10. Stargazer

This reminds me of a heavily filtered photo from the 60’s, but there is something reminiscent of the 1920’s in the figure’s face. Also, I love the title’s font. Super fancy fonts can be dangerous because of legibility concerns, but, in my opinion, this balances the line between mood and legibility. Plus, look at all the sparkles!

What did you think of this list? Which covers did you love? Were there any that you disliked? Let me know in the comments below!

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10 Holiday Gifts for the Mermaid in Your Life
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10 Holiday Gifts for the Mermaid in Your Life

A mermaid makes a terrible dance partner.

10 Holiday Gifts for the Mermaid in Your Life

I get a commission for purchases made through links in this post at no cost to you.


Mermaid stories have been told around the world for thousands of years. These mythical beings brought safety, death, wealth, curses, and everything in between. Nowadays, mermaids are viewed as gentle, magical, and incredibly beautiful. And if you’re here, it’s probably because someone special in your life absolutely adores these mysterious creatures.

But as the holidays roll around do you find yourself asking, “Where can I find mermaid gifts?” or even, “What should I give to someone who loves mermaids?” Sometimes it’s hard to know where to even begin. And as much as you’d hate to admit it, the fact is you’re probably too stressed and busy to really think about shopping. You don’t have the time to scroll through seemingly endless lists of products on store websites. The whole ordeal is overwhelming, frustrating, and exhausting.

Never fear. This handy list of mermaid-themed presents has got you covered.

1. Mermaid Journal

Give your friend a gift they’ll never forget. Have you ever held a leather-bound book in your hands? The texture, the smell. There’s something magical about it. If the mermaid lover in your life also enjoys writing, this is a fantastic gift for them. The special Coptic binding means the diary will lay flat when it’s opened so they don’t have to fuss with it trying to close while they write. Plus, there’s a mermaid right there on the cover.

2. Mermaid Blanket

Keep your sea-loving family member the gift of warmth! This soft and cozy blanket is shaped like a fishtail. Plus, it’s light-weight so it’s easy to pack for trips. Make a statement while visiting the in-laws with this bold and snuggly sleeping bag.

3. Fish Scale Leggings

Do you have a child that can’t get enough of the mythical half-fish creatures? Your child may not have a tail of their own, but these shiny leggings will make them feel every bit as magical. Soft, breathable, comfortable, and stretchy. And look at all those lovely shifting colors!

4. Makeup Brushes

Maybe you’re shopping for someone who loves makeup. If so, take a gander at these super cute brushes. Excellent for blending and creating that sexy and mysterious look. Also makes a fantastic children’s toy for fake makeup sets.

5. Mermaid Coloring Book

Are you shopping for a co-worker who’s constantly stressed? This coloring book may be exactly what you need. And it’s great for children, too.

6. Wine Stopper

Here’s another great gift for the office Christmas party. This mermaid will keep wine, oil, vinegar, and other drinks safe. And, she’s got a cute little starfish.

7. Lunch Bag

Add some pizzaz to your child’s school day with this colorful lunchbox. The scale design is sure to please, and you can bet they’ll be showing it off to all of their friends. Plus, it’s stain resistant, machine washable, and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

8. Mermaid Hooks

Perhaps you’re searching for something more in the home decor category. These cast iron hooks might be right up your alley. They come in a set of two and feature vintage rusted look. This would fit in well with both rustic decor and more nautically-style homes.

9. Car Decal

Want something simple and inexpensive? Try this sexy car decal. It’s easy to install and is made of high-quality vinyl that can last from 3 to 5 years. So, what are you waiting for? Take this mermaid on the road!

10. Mermaid Mug

Get their day started off right with this black and white mug. Not only is there gorgeous artwork on the outside of the mug, there’s also an inspiring quote on the inside. Live the life you imagine, indeed.

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10 Beautiful Blue Book Covers
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10 Beautiful Blue Book Covers

Blue is such a calming color.

10 Beautiful Blue Book Covers

Blue surrounds us in nature. From the sky to sparkling blue waters, this color offers a sense of expansiveness and tranquility. And here’s a fun fact: humans only started seeing blue relatively recently. So why not add some of this fresh, soothing color to your bookshelf?

Here are some book covers whose designs center on the lovely hue. (Also, there are affiliate links in this post. I earn commissions from them at no cost to you.)

1. Oh. My. Gods.

Well, this book cover certainly has a sense of humor! And the deep blue field really makes the white and pink pop.

2. The Fault in Our Stars

Maybe John Green is one of my favorite authors and Youtubers. And maybe I loved this book to bits. But the cover’s phenomenal, too. I enjoy the interplay between the black and white speech bubbles. And the chalky font scrawls out the title loud and proud. Also, it’s all nicely nestled into a field of blue.

3. Wonder

And this cover features a lighter shade as a background. And the color repeats on the figure, directly under the title. It certainly catches the eye (pun intended).

4. All the Light We Cannot See

Well here is a cover that drenches us in blue. And I like how it plays to the green end of the spectrum.

5. Boy Meets Boy

Now, I’m a sucker for minimalist covers. And this one really hits the spot. Simple but powerful. And the Valentine heart title? Perfect.

6. Infinity

Well, this cover definitely plays with dark and light. The blue-tinted rays of light pull us into the center.

7. Where’d You Go, Bernadette

Maybe the graphic design-y elements of the cover pulled me in. And the fact that this book popped up everywhere probably had something to do with it, too. Either way, another great blue cover!

8. Tomboy

And this memoir doubles as a graphic novel. (Or is a graphic novel doubling as a memoir?) The play on restroom signage here is quite clever.

9. Dairy Queen

Have I mentioned that I’m a sucker for silly book covers? The pun, the cow wearing a tiara, the sky. Perfect. It’s all simply perfect.

10. The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

And here is a cover with a drastically different mood. It goes to show how versatile blue can actually be!

What did you think of this list? Which covers did you love? Were there any that you disliked? Let me know in the comments below!

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36 Books for Kids
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36 Books for Kids Under $25

Give your child a head start in life. Teach them to read.

36 Books for Kids

I get a commission for clicks & purchases made through links in this post at no cost to you.


Humans have told stories for hundreds of thousands of years. And they have a powerful influence on our everyday lives. You want the best for your child, so giving them the gift of literacy is a no-brainer. Here are some books that can help your child on their journey to fluent reading.

(Click the arrow on the right-hand side of the 4th row to see more.)

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10 Lovely Book Covers

Aren’t these designs lovely?


Isn’t is satisfying when you find a really lovely book cover? Good design can lift my mood. And it communicates a story. Really great covers suck us in. This post features ten covers that recently caught my eye.

Before we dig in, this post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something from these links, I will receive a commission. There is absolutely no cost to you. Cool? Sweet, let’s get started.

1. Alex and Eliza: A Love Story

It only makes sense that the first lovely cover is an actual love story. I like how the figures melt into the heart, especially with the dress on the left. The background also adds some visual interest with floral texturing.

2. Geekerella: A Fangirl Fairy Tale

This cover has a wonderful illustrated feel to it. The gradient in the sky is beautiful. And the modernized “magic pumpkin” is cute clever.

3. Our Dark Duet

There is so much to love about this cover. The typography is layered and gorgeous. And I love the musical instrument cut-out.

4. Warcross

The colors here caught my eye. And the metallic lighting and three-dimensional quality create a lot of visual interest.

5. The Language of Thorns: Midnight Tales and Dangerous Magic

The ornate floral and thorny decorations on each corner are eye-catching. And the contrasting orange details have textured centers. In fact, all non-text details give the appearance of embroidery or sewn patches.

6. Genuine Fraud

These simple golden locks against a deep blue background produce a powerful effect. And having a few strands overlap letters in the title is a nice touch.

7. The Hate U Give

And here is another brilliant use of negative space. Even though there are no borders, the eye is fooled into picturing a sign in the person’s hands. Simple, elegant, lovely.

8. When Dimple Met Rishi

Well, this is a cover that looks like it came straight from Instagram. And isn’t the handwritten text on the cup a cool touch?

9. The Sun is Also a Star

And this cover explodes with color. Not only that, but the color field resembles thread and pins. And the title is actually more negative space left between the pins and strings.

10. Everything, Everything

Isn’t this a lovely cover? The first word of the title feels handpainted or hand-drawn. And I love the airplane zooming across the ‘R.’ The second word of the title couches itself in a mass of floral doodles. Well, maybe some of the doodles spill over onto the letters, too. Either way, this cover rocks.

What did you think of this list? Which covers did you love? Were there any that you disliked? Let me know in the comments below!

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How I Chatted Online and Earned Over $100 in 2 Weeks
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I Chatted Online & Earned over $100 in 2 Weeks

This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. Success is earned.

How I Chatted Online and Earned Over $100 in 2 Weeks

This post contains my referral link. If you use my link to join italki and use some of your teaching funds to take a lesson, we’ll both earn $10. Pretty sweet, right?

I was in a tough spot. Student loans were breathing down my neck. My other projects weren’t making money. I’d spend 8 hours crafting an article, only to have it rejected (no publication = no income). And I needed something stable, a little more secure to tide me over.

Enter: italki. (Yes, it’s all lowercase. I checked 3 times.)

Question Mark

What is it?

It’s a platform for language learners to connect with instructors. People from all over the world can view teacher profiles and decide to sign up. You have complete control over your schedule, and you don’t have to worry about timezones, either. italki takes care of all of that for you.

Whoa, whoa. Teacher? I’m not a teacher.

Don’t worry. If you have a verbal native language, you’re more than qualified. At italki, there are 2 kinds of lessons language learners can sign up for. One is a professional lesson with tutors who are certified in teaching their language to non-native speakers. And the second kind is what I do: informal tutoring. These are simply normal conversations with students in your native language. Easy peasy. Right?

Sounds Cool. How Do I Start?

Joining italki is pretty easy. Everyone starts out with a free student account. But the teacher profile has to be earned. You’ll have to apply for it from your student account. The application process involves filling out a profile and creating a 1-3 minute introduction video. And then the waiting begins. It takes about 10 business days to get approved. But, if you follow all of the guidelines they provide during the application process, you shouldn’t have a problem getting approved.


And, How Do I Find Students?

This was honestly the part I was the most worried about when I started this venture. But as soon as I set my availability and lesson rates, lesson requests flooded my inbox. Trust me. If you do everything right, the students will find YOU.

But What About the Money?

You control what your prices are and how often to teach. So, how much you make is up to you. And keep in mind that italki will take a 15% cut from each lesson.

Students on italki purchase credits based on the American dollar. So, if you live in another country, keep in mind that your earnings are in USD.


Also, the payout timing is a little different depending on which payment system you use. Skrill, Paypal, Payoneer, and Bank Transfer via Payoneer work on a bi-monthly system, while other withdrawal methods are only processed at the end of the month. Withdrawals do not happen automatically. This is because you have the option of transferring funds to your wallet to buy lessons. But be careful, because transferring money to your wallet can’t be undone. I’d hate for you to do that by mistake and lose some of your hard-earned money. 🙁

Because withdrawals aren’t automatic, you need to manually request a withdrawal of your earnings. This request will be processed on either the 15th or the end of the month. And then it will take about 10 business days after processing for the funds to make it to you.

Long story short? This is not for anyone who needs quick cash yesterday.


My italki Strategy

Some of my students have told me horror stories about past tutors who were disrespectful or unreliable. Naturally, they stopped scheduling lessons with these tutors. The ideal italki tutor is reliable, punctual, empathetic, fluent, and patient. Remember, your students are doing something brave! Speaking a language you don’t know very well can be embarrassing and demoralizing. Put yourself in their shoes.

The Price is Right

When you first start out, italki recommends charging a low price to attract new students. This helps you pick up ratings and testimonials so you can start charging more. italki has guidelines for the minimum and maximum you can charge for one lesson. These are higher for certified teachers and lower for informal tutors.

I followed this advice and raised my prices after the deluge of requests.

The hitch?

Many of my students come from countries with currencies that can’t compete with the U.S. dollar. My personal opinion is that it would be unfair to raise my current students’ prices because it’d be a bait and switch. Plus, I’d rather have the lower income from students I have a relationship with who will come to me for lessons again and again. Luckily, there’s a way to give your students discounts so none of them got charged more than they could afford.

There are also instant lessons which allow me to charge full price. And new students can sign up for trial lessons to decide if I’m worth the money. I’ve done one trial lesson so far. They decided I was worth the money. 🙂 Because…


You Have to Care

No two students are the same. Everyone has different struggles. You have to listen to each student and figure out what they need to work on most. By figure out, I mean ask them. Get them to practice, and try not to interrupt them too much. That can get super frustrating and a little demoralizing.

You Have to Be Respectful

italki has guidelines on topics that cannot be discussed in lessons. Remember that your students come from all over the world. Some topics may be sensitive and uncomfortable for your students. And speaking in a new language is uncomfortable enough!

Also, be punctual. Be awake. Have a nice clean, quiet space dedicated to lessons. Don’t try to multi-task by doing other household chores while you talk. Students notice, and it doesn’t make them feel great.


Be Prepared

Your student may have topics they’d like to discuss, but sometimes they won’t. Have a few topics on hand to ask them questions about. Take notes so you can track what you’ve already talked about.

Speak Clearly

Even though italki allows people to teach any language they are fluent in, students generally prefer native speakers. If your region has a strong accent, try to adjust so your student can understand you. If a student is having trouble, speak slower. Use shorter sentences. Write out what you said in chat. Adapt to the moment. Simplify.

Global hands

What I Love Most…

italki gives me the chance to tell stories, help people, AND make an income. Tutoring has taught me so much about the rest of the world. And it’s a great way to rediscover how quirky the English language really is. 🙂

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in doing? Or maybe you’d like to learn a new language?

Get started


10 Gifts for the Fairy Lover in Your Life
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10 Holiday Gifts for the Fairy Lover in Your Life

I think I saw a fairy!


10 Gifts for the Fairy Lover in Your Life

Described as a devious and dangerous lot, the fey of ancient myth have come a long way. Once a magical creature to be feared, fairies are now associated with glitter and happiness. And with that shift, our fascination with the mystical beings has grown. From Peter Pan to Cinderella, there are plenty of stories about the fairy folk. I mean, they’re called fairy tales for a reason, right?

In this post, you’ll find a variety of fairy-themed gifts full of glitter and magic. Whether you’re shopping for a Christmas, wedding, birthday, or baby shower present, you’ll find something for that special someone on your list. (Also, I get a commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.)

1. Crystal Fairy Necklace

Crystal Fairy Necklace

These lovely fairy crystals come from LotusFairy’s Etsy shop. For less than 30 bucks, you can bring some sparkle to your loved one’s life. There are over 20 crystals to choose from. Plus, you have the option of buying other crystals separately. That way, you can switch the pendants to whatever suits your mood. There’s also a fun list of each crystal’s properties listed here.

2. Wedding Centerpiece Lights

Wedding Fairy Lights

These magical lights are from OneStepTimers’ Etsy shop. Help the bride and groom add a bit of romance to their special day with these fairy lights. They come with a battery pack that can be easily taped to the lid of a mason jar to create this lantern effect. Mason jars aren’t included with this product, which means you can feel free to decorate with these lights any way you’d like. They would also be perfect for an anniversary dinner or an elegant sweet sixteen birthday party.

3. Only the Best Friends Get Promoted to Fairy Godmother: Glitter-Dipped Stemless Wineglass

Glitter Dipped Stemless Wineglass

This glitzy wineglass comes from the Glitter & Grace Canadian Etsy shop. For well under $20, you can order this fun glass for your bff. You can choose from 9 different glitter colors and even customize the design colors. Better yet? The glass is BPA-free and eco-friendly. I’m sure the fairies approve. 🙂

4. Tiny Fairy Necklace

Tiny Fairy Necklace

This silver necklace is handmade by Smitten Kitten Kendall. Imagine the look on your loved one’s face when they find this under the Christmas tree! You can even customize the necklace to have their first or last initial. Even better? The shop will gift wrap the necklace for you, 100% free of charge. If your gift-wrapping skills are anything like mine, that’s a super huge bonus!

5. Fairy Dust Necklace

Fairy Dust Necklace

This vial of wonder is from OneRedCanoe’s Etsy shop. It comes with five mini cards and a teeny tiny metal key as well as a healthy dose of pixie dust (a.k.a. glitter). This would be a great gift for a child (though not recommended for small children and toddlers). And the cool part? The shop owner can personalize these pendants with any small note you’d like to add.

6. Glitter Fairy Cupcake Toppers

Glitter Fairy Cupcake Toppers

These customizable cupcake toppers are from Shaylo & Lolli’s Etsy shop. Perfect for a birthday party, a baby shower, or even a bridal shower. They come in packs of 6, 12, 24, and 36 so you’ll never run out. And you can choose from five different colors.

7. Watercolor Print

Pink and Gold Fairy Watercolor Print

This gorgeous print is by EllowDee. Great for brightening up a dorm room or for giving as a housewarming gift. And you can choose between the print going on glossy paper with linen texture or on a non-reflective deep matte paper.

8. Silhouette Decal

Fairy Silhouette Decal

This cute little decal is from My Vinyl Touch. Decals range in size from 3 to 5 inches. And you can choose from one of 13 different colors. That’s enough to make an entire rainbow!

9. Personalized Stationery Set

Personalized Fairy Stationery

Take your letters to a whole new level with this custom stationery from The Drifting Thistle. You can choose from 28 ink colors for the text, most of which have matching envelopes. Each set has a stack of 10 flat note cards and envelopes. These personalized note cards are perfect for children or stationery lovers everywhere.

10. Wall Decal

Fairy Wall Decal

This fanciful wall decal is from WallCrafters. There are over 30 color options, so you can match it to any room. The design features a fairy along with some text that reads, “I love you to the moon and back.” Lovely.

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10 Stunning Red Book Covers

Well, these books are simply stunning.

Have you ever tried to arrange your books by color? Rainbow shelves are all the rage these days and lots of fun to look at. But ordering books by color can present its own problems, as I recently discovered. Spines rarely feature one color. And what about spines with large text? Do you sort by the color of the text or the spine?

As you can probably tell, I attempted to create my own rainbow shelves. And the result?


Well, it’s not perfect, but it’s certainly prettier than it was before. This week’s post is one of several focusing on book cover colors. While I can’t promise that the spines will be red, I can promise the covers are absolutely stunning.

And before I begin, there are affiliate links after this point. So, if you see a lovely book that you decide to purchase, I will receive a small commission. (Yay, thank you!) There isn’t any cost to you at all. Plus, you’ll have one more beautiful book for your growing collection. Win-win. Without any further ado, let’s dive in.

Stunning Red Book Covers

1. Sisters Red

This cover stimulates the eyes and the mind. First, the stunning use of red and black negative space creates two opposing figures. And then there’s the wolf. This cover is bold and brilliant.

2. The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making

And this cover has a nostalgic appeal. (Also, I’m partial to dragons as you may have noticed.) The banners and border flourishes on this cover also add a nice touch.

3. Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Book 1

An oldy but goody. The bright red background with the alternating darker stripes on the spine is certainly stunning. And the 3-D effect of the note “taped” to the front is well done.

4. The Book of Blood: From Legends and Leeches to Vampires and Veins

First of all, the font on this cover is perfectly suited to the spookiness of its subject matter. But the stark contrast between the abundance of white space and the bright red blood dripping down from the top of the cover is definitely eye-catching.

5. Through the Woods

This stunning cover makes excellent use of negative space. And the limited color palette draws the eyes straight to the title. Excellent use of red as a highlighter.

6. A Court of Thorns and Roses

The background’s vibrant hue brings the focus to the center of this book cover. And the thorny vines sprouting from the title add a nice touch.

7. Me Before You: A Novel

Another great example of how well black, white, and red work together. The font is fluid but easy to ready. And the red background really adds a visual punch.

8. I Am Half-Sick of Shadows: A Flavia de Luce Novel

This cover begs so many questions. Why is the skeleton wearing an elf hat? I love the snow settled onto each letter of the title. The subtle gradient on the red background makes it feel like there’s a gentle spotlight on the title.

9. Scarlet

And here is a red-centric cover with a slightly wider color range. The red cloth’s fluid lines are striking and guide the eye from the title to the figure who is out of frame. This is a book that begs to be opened.

10. Scythe

This last cover makes great use of negative space to create the figure’s face. And the interplay between black, red, and cream creates an entirely different feel. Simply stunning.

What did you think of this list? Which covers did you love? Were there any that you disliked? Let me know in the comments below!

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gorgeous book covers
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10 Gorgeous Book Covers

These gorgeous book covers are a feast for the eyes.

gorgeous book covers

On Pinterest, I get a lot of engagement from my Cool Book Covers board. And is it any wonder? With so many gorgeous book covers out there and eye-popping designs, some novels simply pin themselves. But I didn’t want to leave my blog audience out of the fun. Instead, I’m creating a weekly book cover list that you, too, can ogle to your heart’s content.

Full disclosure: there are affiliate links after this point. So, if you see a lovely book that you decide to purchase, I will receive a small commission. There isn’t any hidden cost to you, and you get one more beautiful book for your collection. Win-win, right? Great. Let’s dive in.

Gorgeous Book Covers

1. Replica

This cover features bright, bold colors. The front and back covers contrast each other (more on that later). Also, the typography is clear, clean, and has some shadow to create a sense of depth. Now, this book is designed unusually internally, as well. It can be read forwards or flipped backward and upside down. Rather than a true front and back cover, this book has two front covers focusing on the stories of two different characters. Creative, right?

2. Finding Audrey

The contrast between the blues in the alternating stripes and the vibrant yellow creates a beautiful clarity in this lovely book cover. It also uses negative space in a clever way so it is unclear where the figure begins or ends.

3. We Are All Made of Molecules

This book’s typography is fascinating. Made to look like a typewriter font, the edges are blurred as if the ink has bled over onto the page. Also, all the letters are lowercased, preparing the mind to think small. The mass of colorful circles almost look like cells under a microscope, and some have been playfully turned into faces.

4. It’s Kind of a Funny Story

Though a mere outline, the figure on this book is a stark contrast from the plain background. Within the confines of the figure, there is what appears to be a colorful city map. The hand-drawn style font of the title is squeezed in perfectly. So, this is definitely a gorgeous book cover.

5. Dumplin’

This is a fabulously minimalist book cover. The font is clean and simple. (Serifs need not apply.) And the central figure instantly draws the eye.

6. Under Rose-Tainted Skies

Look at those lush, watercolor-inspired strokes. And watch how the title subtlely changes colors. Even the not-so-caged bird seems ready to fly off the page.

7. Wishtree

This gorgeous book cover features a backlit tree, adding a suffused glow. And the touches of red ribbon against the blue-green of the leaves add visual interest.

8. Made You Up

Next, this grungy and gorgeous book cover caught my eye. The blues simply wash down the page interspersed with shadows and specks of light. Also, the figure stands out with the bright red lips and hair.

9. Autoboyography

And I absolutely love this cover. Probably because there’s a book inside of a book. (Maybe Inception is one of my all-time favorite movies. And I’m getting off track.) Therefore, this book cover is awesome. And I especially appreciate the shooting star that underlines the title. Well played.

10. They Both Die at the End

Well, what can I say? I love blue. And this gorgeous book cover really drew my attention. Maybe because it features a lovely cityscape. But it’s most likely because the grim reaper is hiding in the shadows. Did you see it before I pointed it out to you?

Which covers did you like? Are there any in this list you didn’t care for? Let me know in the comments below.