This week as I was scrolling through Instagram, I spotted a bunny rabbit with impossibly long ears. I mean, these things were so floppy and soft looking, that I simply could not resist drawing them. And the rest of the rabbit, too, of course.

So, I opened up ProCreate on my iPad and set to work building up the basic shape in black. Then I experimented with some colors to match the dark and light patches of fur and blended them together with the “cotton” brush. After another critical glance or two, I erased, recolored, and even redrew whole portions of the rabbit until the proportions were more appealing. 

The result?

“Rabbit” by Ditrie Marie Bowie

If this adorable rabbit tugs on your heartstrings as much as it does on mine, you definitely need more of it in your life. Like this custom printed padded laptop case. Or any one of the other 38 available products.

You get more stress-relieving cuteness in your life, a portion of the proceeds helps me make more adorable things. It’s a win-win. 🙂

In other news, I’ve been building up my online portfolio with a focus on children’s illustration. So my next experiment was to create a unique child character and draw them in different poses while retaining a sense of continuity. This really pushed me to expand skills which don’t occur to me naturally, and it took several drafts to craft a character. This time I turned to Adobe Draw so I could take advantage of the vector-based program’s resizing capabilities.

The end result of all that drawing, erasing, redrawing, mumbling, and most likely speaking in tongues, was Serena. They are a young nonbinary person of color who loves sports and playing with other children their age. One person described this character design as a cross between Doug and Steven Universe. What do you think?

“Serena” by Ditrie Marie Bowie

Know a queer child of color? Tell them about Serena and watch their face light up. Better yet, get them this sticker. Discounts are available when you order four or more. Serena is also available on items ranging from spiral notebooks to t-shirts.

As a queer person of color, myself, I can attest to the fact that representation matters. Let that queer POC kid in your life know that they are not alone. They are capable of astounding things if they put their minds to it, just like Serena.

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