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Joy in Every Stitch

As a classically trained pianist, there is something about working with my hands to create something new that is deeply fulfilling. I began knitting and crocheting during my last year teaching music at a high school for the performing arts. The reason I chose to end a nine-year career in education? I had met a man in a video game whom I fully intended to marry.

I packed all my bags and journeyed from the southeastern U.S. to Vancouver, Canada. The upheaval was not nearly as daunting as the immigration process, something through which my husband and I are still muddling. There is little more daunting than a problem over which you have zero control. Crafting has lent me an outlet for that nervous energy: it is a creative problem I can solve at any time I choose. I picked up more complex stitching techniques, experimenting with different patterns until I ultimately started designing my own.

Crafting is a lovely counterpoint to my comics and writing. My knitted and crocheted creations are practical, whimsical, and sometimes a little bit silly. Much, I think, like me.

Wishing you the best,
Ditrie Marie Bowie