Being this awesome is hard work.

Working hard isn't always pretty. It's hard work.
Welcome back, everybody! Thanks to everyone who keeps coming back to see all the hard work I do. As you may have guessed, This Writer Can’t Draw is undergoing a few slight improvements.

Before you freak out: no, I still haven’t learned how to draw. Okay, so maybe I have a little bit (as my Patreon patrons have seen), but it’s not something I can cobble together in ten minutes like some real artists can. So, the completely free, mostly copy and paste versions of badly drawn comics that you’ve come to know and love will remain unchanged in style.

But, as you may have noticed, there are WORDS here now, too. Weird, right? From now on, all my comic panels will have a bit of intro and backstory. You’re welcome.

I first hinted at today’s comic back on Twitter, where I narrated certain events in real time:

As you can probably guess, me working from home is a VERY different person from me working from not-home. An office? From me working in an office. (English is weird. I have a writing degree. I am so good at the Englishing. Can’t you tell?)

When I first started working on creative projects at home, I completely forgot what it must sound like to outsiders who are only hearing the bits I’m saying out loud. You know, people like my husband. This led to some interesting conversations until I was finally able to convince him that this was normal. Okay, maybe not normal, per se. But normal for me and my process. Those early conversations went a little like this:

Hard Work

Hard Work Comic

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