Creativity is a vital problem-solving skill. Here’s how you can improve yours.

Improve your creativity

These ten research-based tips will help you up your creativity game in no time.


Doing at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise early in the day has many benefits. It gets you endorphins and blood pumping. And it burns calories. But best of all? Exercise can improve your creativity for up to two hours. So if you’re feeling stuck, try a little workout.

Creativity Takes Prep Time

If creativity is something you have to work at, odds are it’s a part of the brain you don’t use a whole lot in your everyday activities. You’re logical, no-nonsense, and probably really great with practical facts and figures. But you shouldn’t expect your brain to suddenly switch gears into creative mode. Instead, try setting aside some time before a creative project. This should be a period with no plans and no to-do items. Unwind, watch tv, enjoy a meal. Do something relaxing to get your mind ready for the creative process.

Did I Mention A Meal?

That’s right. We do our best creative thinking when our tummies aren’t rumbling. I mean, it’s pretty difficult to concentrate when we’re hungry, right?


This is a fantastic way to get the creative juices flowing. Crack open a book and let your mind fill in all the details the author left out. Fiction is particularly good creativity fodder.


Whether you’re a religious person or not, science has a lot to say about the benefits of meditation (or prayer). Meditation, or mindfulness, is a state where we force ourselves to be aware of what’s happening right now instead of planning for the future or thinking about the past. It can be as simple as paying attention to the fact that you’re breathing. In. Out. See? That wasn’t that hard, was it?


Grab that controller and get ready to play. Video games can be a fun and relaxing way to help our minds change gears.


Are you getting enough? Sleep is crucial for an alert and functional mindset throughout the day. And sleep is when we have some of our most creative thoughts: dreams. Try keeping a journal by your bed and jotting down any dream fragments you remember upon waking.

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Leave Your Comfort Zone

Try something new. Go somewhere you’ve never been before. Find a viewpoint you disagree with and come up with and play the devil’s advocate. All of these activities will stretch you to grow and improve your capacity for creativity.

Pick Up a New Language

This is another great way to rewire the brain. Foreign languages come with their own idioms, cultures, and histories. Learning them forces us to view the world in ways we would never have otherwise.

Go for a Walk

Fresh air and exercise are excellent ways to push the reset button on our busy minds.

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