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~Edited: August 31, 2017

Books, digital posters, badges, and coupons for 70-80% off any item in my Etsy store. You can even get your name in lights! Or, erm, print!

I know what you’re thinking. HOW DO I GET MAH HANDS ON ALL THAT AWESOME LOOT?

The answer, my friends, is by collecting LP (or loyalty points). And here’s how you do that:

Step 1: Sign-up for my weekly newsletter here.

Step 2: Start earning that sweet, sweet LP

LP Quest Guide

Read my newsletter = 10 LP per email read (Cheat code: No time for reading? Click that bad boy open and shut it again. You’ll still earn the full 10 LP)

Commenting on this blog = 15 LP per comment. Easy peasy.

Sharing the newsletter with a friend = 20 LP (A little buggy. Only counts if you CC contact@ditriemariebowie.com on the forward)

Follow me on Patreon = 40 LP (Note: requires sign-up on the Patreon website. Sign-up and follow are both 100% FREE.)

Share my Patreon, Etsy, and book links on social media = 40 LP per share (Glitchy. Shares must be screenshot and emailed to contact@ditriemariebowie.com)

Review my book or Etsy shop = 500 LP per review

Buy an item from my Etsy shop = 1,000 LP per item purchased

Become my patron on Patreon = 1,000 LP per month of patronage

*****Your LP will reset to zero each month, so you need to remain active if you want to get your mitts on all that tasty loot.*****

Image of an old fashioned arcade machine.

LP Quest Rewards

Edit: LP rewards adjusted for changes in newsletter schedule.

50 LP = Shiny new badge. Perfect for sticking on websites, blogs, and social media sites. Collect enough of these critters, and you may unlock something special.

100 LP = That shiny badge PLUS a coupon for 70% off anything in my Etsy shop. Whaaaaaat? I know, right?

500 LP = The badge, the coupon, AND a signed digital poster. Life is good.

1,000 LP = The badge, a coupon for 80% off anything in my Etsy shop, a signed digital poster, AND your name gets printed in the acknowledgments page of my book. You rule.

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left… wait a minute, I’ve totally got this…

Quest on and prosper, my friends. Until next time I’m …

Thanking you for playing along,

Ditrie Marie Bowie

Photograph of Ditrie Marie BowieDitrie Marie Bowie (née Sanchez) is a Puerto Rican in British Columbia, Canada who writes fiction. She is a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) and co-editor of Strange Stories to Tell in the Park. Bowie is also the creator of the webcomic, This Writer Can’t Draw. A classically trained pianist and former educator, she has lived in three different countries spanning two continents. And she met her spouse in a video game.

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