Spoonie Queer Latinx author/comic/artists do not live on exposure alone. We need a regular stream of sarcasm, imagination, and cuteness in order to thrive. But also cash. Cash helps out a lot, actually.

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*Bunny hug is Canadian slang for hoodie, by the way.

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Fillius Glint

“An animated, inventive, and infinitely entertaining sci-fi tale.”

~Kirkus Reviews

When you are an adult, living with your parents can be awkward. All Nigel Iffik wants is one quiet night alone with his hand. Instead, he unwittingly unleashes a malicious virus which infects his entire family’s network of electronics and Universe Growers. Trillions of sentient beings succumb to destruction as his sister, Nancy, scrambles to undo the damage to her mostly unprotected Universe Grower. Will the anti-viral protocols stop the digital onslaught in time?

Follow four residents of one such endangered universe as they chomp tacos, battle the absurd, and uncover a secret that will change their lives forever.




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Friendly Quokka
Ditrie Marie Bowie