Normal? What’s that?

Normal is Relative

Have you ever had a moment where you said something that made perfect sense to you at the time? And then you step back and replay that conversation in your mind. But when you do, you discover that what you said made zero sense without context?

I often wonder what my neighbors hear when they’re passing by my door. Did they catch me mid-sentence? Or did they hear me cackle maniacally about someone having crabs and then drew their own conclusions? (Seriously, though. That knife-wielding crab is my hero.)

At any rate, these are the things that bump around in my head. Along with: will they stop chatting so loudly in the hallway? and: aw man, ANOTHER baby moved into the building?

Normal is an illusion. And context is everything. Here’s a conversation my partner and I had the other day:

Normal is Relative

Normal is Relative
Our bearded dragon would never forgive us if we forgot to bring him worms.

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