These books will help you on your personal growth journey.

5 Recently Released Audiobooks for Personal Growth

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As I mentioned in this post, audio gives busy people the benefit of taking in stories and new information while resting our eyes. Bonus? We can listen while doing boring work like washing the dishes. I even have friends who listen to audiobooks while they’re working in an office. (Shh, don’t tell.)

And yes, I do realize the picture above doesn’t have an actual audiobook in it. But it was pretty and I liked it.

Anyway, this post features some audiobooks that caught my interest. Though I haven’t had a chance to listen to them yet, I previewed the samples to make sure the recordings are high-quality. As a former musician, I’m picky about these things. And by picky, I mean if something sounds mediocre I will curl up into a little ball of fury and will it to stop. My husband’s seen it happen.

And now prepare your mind and ears for a feast:


5 Recently Released Audiobooks for Personal Growth

5 Recently Released Audiobooks for Personal Growth

These books fall into two main categories: personal growth by way of knowledge, and personal growth by way of a mindset shift.

Personal Growth by Knowledge

1. Elon Musk Undaunted

Listening time: 2 hrs and 11 mins

Narrator: Man, North American (general), Deep, Smoky, Somewhat Nasal

The subtitle of this book is How Elon Musk Created 3 Giant Companies and Became a Billionaire. Written by Ivan Fernandez and narrated by Jon Wilkins, this audiobook delves into the life and work of Elon Musk. It includes some of his entrepreneurial advice, productivity tips, and ways to tackle failure.

2. Charles Darwin: A Life from Beginning to End

Listening time: 1 hr and 12 mins

Narrator: Man, British (Received Pronunciation), Deep, Smoky

Narrated by William Irvine, this is a good book for history buffs and science nerds alike. This biography delves into Darwin’s life and interests. Apparently, he hated school and wanted to join the clergy. Who knew?

Personal Growth by Mindset Shift

3. How to Stop Feeling Like Sh*t

Listening time: 6 hrs

Narrator: Woman, North American (general), Warm, Focal Fry, Slightly Nasal

The subtitle for this audiobook is 14 Habits That Are Holding You Back from Happiness. Written and narrated by Andrea Owen, it focuses on self-destructive behaviors women engage in. And it comes with bonus reference materials (which is probably why the listening time is so long).

4. How to Get Sh*t Done

Listening time: 6 hrs 37 mins

Narrator: Woman, North American (general), Warm, Slightly Nasal

Interesting title trend, isn’t it? This audiobook also comes with a subtitle: Why Women Need to Stop Doing Everything So They Can Achieve Anything. Written by Erin Falconer and narrated by Lauren Fortgang, this book is packed with advice, personal stories, and resources.

5. Judgment Detox

Listening time: 5 hrs and 10 mins

Narrator: Woman, North American (general), Warm, Slightly Smoky

This audiobook comes with a subtitle, as well: Releasing the Beliefs That Hold You Back from Living a Better Life. Written and narrated by Gabrielle Bernstein, this book puts a spotlight on how we judge ourselves and others. It also features a 6-step plan for breaking away from these old habits to increase our quality of life.

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