Purple is so royal.

10 Shocking Purple Book Covers
Purple. Lavendar. Lilac. Such a rich color range with so many possibilities. From the sweet and juicy purple of Concord grapes to the plush, velvety purple of royalty. This hue has quite a bit to offer.

Here is a list of ten covers that utilize the rich tint in inspiring and creative ways.

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Without further ado, let’s begin:

1. Across the Universe

This mystical cover makes use of deep purples and magenta. There’s also a hint of the cups/faces illusion which adds to the mind-bending feel.

2. Half-Blood

And there is no doubt that light purple and black look amazing together. The central flower has a smoky, ethereal quality to it. Hauntingly beautiful.

3. Smokin’ Seventeen

I love that the author’s name is Plum. This purple cover features a textured background almost like a satin sheet. And the 3-D numbers are covered in beads of water.

4. The Dark Divine

And here is another example of a cover that ties black, white, and purple together. The translucent and ribbon-like quality of the purple cloth draws the eye in toward the figure.

5. Fifth Grave Past the Light

This cover plays to purple’s haunting qualities. The gritty texture in the background, the smoke rising from the center to the silver skull necklace. Everything on this cover bodes of the supernatural.

6. The Sleeping Beauty Proposal

And here we have a more pastel shade. The interplay between lilac, white, and silver ties everything together neatly. The sparkles don’t hurt, either.

7. Club Dead

This cover reminds me of Bewitched and Dracula. (And yes, the story has vampires but no nose-twitching witch.) Again we see purple tied to a supernatural story.

8. Down the Darkest Road

And this cover displays a vibrant purple sunset (or sunrise?) along with a purple-tinted road. There is an air of spookiness and danger to this cover.

9. Odd Thomas

I love, love, love Dean Koontz’s writing. And this is a book I owned at one point. (It got lost in one of my many moves.) Once more, purple is used to hint at mysterious and mystical things. There’s an ephemeral sense to this cover that leaves one wanting to know more.

10. Stargazer

This reminds me of a heavily filtered photo from the 60’s, but there is something reminiscent of the 1920’s in the figure’s face. Also, I love the title’s font. Super fancy fonts can be dangerous because of legibility concerns, but, in my opinion, this balances the line between mood and legibility. Plus, look at all the sparkles!

What did you think of this list? Which covers did you love? Were there any that you disliked? Let me know in the comments below!

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