The main characters may not be Greek gods, but they are every bit as dramatic.

Ancient Greek statue fountain.
Today’s book is one to add to your Valentine’s Day reading list. Especially if you like your romance novels ultra steamy. If sex scenes are not your thing, you should probably pass on this one. (But if they are your thing, this book has a lot of well-written ones.)

Some More Warnings:

Since the story is set in the 1970s, there are some slurs against the Romani people, mentally ill people, and disabled people which were common use at the time. And if kidnapping, descriptions of food, swimming accidents, and ambiguous consent issues are difficult for you to read, you may wish to choose another book. Also, there are birds. Lots of birds.

Still with me?

Great. Let’s dive in.

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Aphrodite’s Tears, by Hannah Fielding, centers around the fictional island of Helios. Oriel, the heroine, is a British archeologist who is contracted to work there by the island’s leader— Damian Lekkas. But the island is rife with gossip, secrets, superstition, and danger. With so many varying accounts, it’s difficult for her to uncover the truth, especially when Damian is so distracting.

The narration is replete with visual descriptions of the island, buildings, artifacts, food, and clothing. In my opinion, this slowed the pace down, but that may also be due to my borderline aphantasia. If you enjoy detailed narration to give you a visual sense of location, the pace may flow much quicker for you.

Dialogue throughout the book is sprinkled with Greek, and the plot works in some of the finer points of old Greek customs and traditions. Also, the romantic conflict between Oriel and Damian is incredibly well-structured. But will Oriel survive the island’s many dangers long enough for a happily ever after? Does she even want a happily ever after? You’ll have to read the book to find out. 😉

PS: Add this book to your Valentine’s Day reading list!

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