Review requests are currently closed. Please check back in a few months.

Updated: 8/26/17

I love books.

In an effort to promote the work of my fellow indie authors, I am now open to review requests.

What I’m Looking For

I’m particularly interested in seeing works by new and/or underrepresented authors.

Your book MUST be available for purchase on Amazon to qualify for a review.

I prefer fiction, mystery, sci-fi, and fantasy, but I will read other genres if your request catches my eye.

How to Request a Review

Send me an email at with the subject heading “Book Review Request.”

Introduce yourself (I don’t bite!), and tell me a bit about your book, including a link to its Amazon page. Nothing lengthy here, please, around 250 words max.

Do NOT attach your book to this email. If I am interested, I will follow-up with you to request an Epub/Mobi/PDF for review. I do not accept physical copies of books at this time.

If you don’t receive a follow-up email from me within 5-7 days, it’s because your submission is not a good fit for my site. Once the allotted time has passed, you should consider contacting other reviewers who may better suit your needs.

A follow-up email does NOT guarantee a book review. Sometimes it takes three or four chapters to realize a book is not a good fit for my audience. If this happens, I will email you at my earliest convenience so you may search for reviewers who will be a better fit for your book.

This is a free service which I’m providing for my audience and for you, my fellow indie authors. Please be patient, polite, and respectful.

Once your review is posted, I will email you a link so you can share it with all of your fans.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Wishing you all the best,
Ditrie Marie Bowie
Professional Reader