Social media schedulers are not created equally.

Bring some balance back into your life. Use this effortless social media tool.

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If you’re here, it’s because you’re familiar with the hamster-running-in-a-ball-trying-to-outrun-an-avalanche feeling that can be social media post scheduling. Even if you’re doing everything right and set up a calendar in advance, sometimes it can be difficult to hunt down the time to actually post your content. Especially if you’re a solopreneur like me.

That’s where social media scheduling tools come in. They offer you the option of plugging in your content in batches and having them post later at times when they’re most likely to get engagement. And there are a plethora of tools available out there which offer both free and paid plans. However, there is one scheduling tool that has a special feature that can cut back your bulk posting time from hours to minutes.

Yeah, you read that right. Minutes.

But before I tell you what it is, I wanted to go over other tools I’ve used over the years and what they offer.

Tools for Multiple Platforms

Slack Social

Free Plan: Yes

Paid Plans: Basic $80+ a year, Professional $150+ a year

slack social

Slack Social connects to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Blogger. Free plans can schedule up to 10 posts a day. If you wanted, you could schedule 3,650 posts in advance. Scheduled posts are shown in list form rather than in a calendar, which may appeal to some users. Analytics are available for paid plans. Slack Social isn’t flashy, but it’s a simple, economical option.


Free Plan: Yes

Paid Plan: $100+ a year


One of the first social media tools I ever used, Buffer’s clean, simple, and easy to use. You can manage Twitter, Facebook (Profiles, Pages, and Groups), LinkedIn (Profiles and Pages), Google+ (Profiles and Pages), Pinterest, and set up reminders to post on Instagram.

Free plans allow you to preschedule 10 posts at a time. When those posts run out, you get an email reminding you that your queue is empty. After a while, this kind of feels like that annoying fairy from the Legend of Zelda games. Plus, the 10-posts-at-a-time thing doesn’t really give you a lot of breathing room. There’s a lot of incentive to upgrade to their paid plan. A button on my Buffer dashboard still beckons me to Upgrade to Awesome. Because their paid plan is called the Awesome Plan.


Free Plan: Yes

Paid Plans: Professional $200+ a year, Team $1k+ a year, Business $6k+ a year


Hootsuite has been around for a while and once upon a time I had a professional account with them. Free accounts can schedule up to 30 posts at a time. You can also set up streams by network and keyword. This feature is especially useful for quickly finding mentions of your brand and interacting with customers.

Hootsuite connects to Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, and Youtube.

It offers analytics, a host of apps, educational resources, and even makes it easier to set up contests for your followers.

Specialized Tools


Free Plan: Yes

Paid Plans: Plus $110+ a year, Premium $200+ a year, Starter $300+ a year, Brand $550+ a year


Later is technically a multi-platform scheduling tool. You can use it to post on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. However, where this app really shines is Instagram. Their scheduling UI is beautiful and intuitive. And their blog brims with Instagram advice, trends, and how-tos. Though I no longer have an Instagram account at this time, I’ve experimented with their scheduler a bit in the past. When I’m ready to return to Instagram, Later will be my go-to scheduling app.


Free Plan: Sort of

Paid Plans: Plus $100+ a year, Professional $9.5k+ a year, Enterprise (cost not listed)


Tailwind connects to Instagram, but its heart is really with Pinterest. There isn’t a free plan, per se, but there is a free trial with no set time limit. Rather, the trial is capped by number of posts scheduled (100 for Pinterest and/or 30 for Instagram). My referral link for the Plus plan will also give you a $15 credit toward a paid plan if you are so inclined. It’s basically one month off your subscription fee.

You may have noticed bloggers across the galaxy raving about Tailwind. Probably because the referral program can help us earn $15 credits, as well. And there’s an Amazon gift card we can get, too. And though I wouldn’t mind the extra credit put toward my account, I’m pretty ambivalent toward gift cards. However, I am not ambivalent toward Tailwind in the least. In fact, I have feelings.

Very strong feelings.

I use Tailwind every day. It is incredibly useful for my content curation and affiliate marketing on Pinterest. Plus there are Tailwind Tribes that act a little like Pinterest Group Boards, only without the off-brand boards popping up in your profile. I appreciate the heck out of this program, and it’s worth every penny.

However, I like scheduling a lot of content in advance. By a lot, I mean I’d have posts scheduled well into next year if I could. And sometimes this makes Tailwind slow down. Like a sloth racing a snail kind of slow. Which is time consuming and a little aggravating. They even have a help page dedicated to the issue.

They’ve got a ton of extras like super in-depth analytics and ways to group your boards into lists and lots of really cool features. Again, I appreciate the heck out of Tailwind. But it’s not without its flaws.

But All of These Are Nothing Compared To…

Quick, Easy, and Effective Social Media Marketing


Free Plan: Sort of

Paid Plans: Solo $200+ a year, Business $400+ a year, Agency $800+ a year


I have legitmately never been as excited about a social media scheduling tool as I am about SmarterQueue. If you are looking for a program that will save you time, THIS IS IT.

  • You can bulk import posts from your other websites and social profiles! Repurpose old content!
  • You can categorize posts so you’re not always sharing the same stuff back to back!
  • Evergreen posts stay in your queue!
  • Add gifs and images to your posts without leaving the scheduler!
  • The scheduler is color coded, in calendar format, and SO PRETTY!
  • Simple drag and drop scheduling interface!
  • Post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest!
  • Browser bookmarklet for easier article sharing!
  • Queue can be paused!
  • Analytics, even for posts you didn’t schedule on SmarterQueue!

I’m not apologizing for all the shouting because this tool is just that good. Check out these reviews written by other SmarterQueue users if you need more proof. This is THE social media tool that will bring balance back into your busy day.

PS: Don’t forget to grab your 30 day free trial here. (Regular free trials are only 14 days.)

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