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Epilogue: So What Happens Now? Sticks Shift Incorporated

A special message from Sticks Shift Incorporated show creator, Ditrie Marie Bowie. Transcript available here: ( Music by Anthony Luis Sanchez. — Support this podcast:
  1. Epilogue: So What Happens Now?
  2. Episode 6: Lost and Found
  3. Episode 5: Stopping the Cycle
  4. Episode 4: Talking to Strangers
  5. Episode 3: Ghost in the Machine

Meet the Cast!

Ari Shey

Ari Shey is thrilled to be part of Sticks Shift Incorporated. She has been a professional actor, singer and musician for over 15 years. Ari enjoys recording voice acting and music from her home studio and has also performed at theatres and other venues across the US as a member of Actors’ Equity. Look for Ari in upcoming voice projects including The Fisherman’s Wife as Dame Ilsabill – Wife with Fantastic Fables of Flavor and Bakugan Fixed Edition fandub as Fabia Sheen. You can find her on Twitter: @AriSheyVA


Brad Colbroock is rumored to be a human. There is much greater evidence that they are a voice actor, appearing in the Haunted Hell House of Horror and Aster Podcasting’s Scary Stories Anthology, as well as Novitero and Christmas Buffet Roulette. They’re currently working on their own upcoming podcast about space train while juggling sound work for Sector Ø and Dining in the Void. Brad can be found at or on Twitter @holographicVA

Brandon Jenkins

Brandon P. Jenkins has lent his voice to countless video games, animations, audio dramas and more over the last few years. A hard worker and extreme fan of well crafted characters, he’s always on the lookout for his next role to sink his teeth into! Check him out on Twitter @BPJenkin123088 and CCC:

Cass McPhee

Here’s a sub-50 word bio, and headshot: Cass McPhee is a voice actor with an actual comedy degree. He co-produces the sci-fi podcast Moonbase Theta, Out and plays Michell in season 2, and has featured in season 1 of Sidequesting. Cass lives in Toronto with his cat Maya and his sourdough starter Joey. Find him on Twitter @cassaclyzm and Monkeyman Productions.


Checkov is a voice actor specializing in NSFW work. When he isn’t recording audio, he can be found drowning in a sea of student debt. For his sins, he can also be found on Twitter @CheckovStuff which acts as a stream-of-consciousness/cry for help.

Frederick S. Gregory

Frederick S. Gregory has been voice acting for over 10 years. A fan of video games and animation since he was a kid, Frederick has always admired the voices of the characters from these genres, so much so that it made him realize what he wanted to do for a profession in life when became an adult. Even after working on a numerous amount of projects, he’s still eager to learn and practice so he can improve as he continues to work toward on achieving his dream.

Haley C. McCarthy

Illustration by @floriellet on Twitter.

Haley has been studying acting most of her life. She has experience in stage acting as well as voice acting. She has been in numerous independent games and animations. She is willing to travel for her work. Visit her site to learn more.

Juliana Gutiérrez

Juliana Gutiérrez is a Colombian voice actress and musical theatre enthusiast. She loves stories, cats, and hot chocolate. You can find her on Twitter @julianag_va.

Lithium Blues VA

Hello, this is the fractured psyche of Lithium Blues VA or Chris if you prefer. He’s a writer and voice actor. He’s on Twitter @LithiumBluesVA. And you can find him in 2020 Despairs Masquerade, Fate Last Encore Abridged, Beetle Flower, Casino At The End Of The World, Heartpunk, Memories – Guardian of the Goddess and MUCH more.

Paul Hikari

Paul Hikari is an LA-based voice actor, writer, and editor who does stuff for animations, video games, audio dramas, etc. He has a huge range and a penchant for screaming. You can find him on: SoundCloud, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon, and Instagram.

Richard Collins

Richard Collins is an up and coming voice actor having started with unscripted podcasting just one year ago and using that experience to start pursuing scripted roles. You can find his other work at and

Ryan Bowie

Ryan Bowie is a person with many voices and is absolutely not a trench-coat stuffed with meerkats. How could a chorus of meerkats have such a rich baritone? What a bizarre rumour! It would be best never to bring that up again.

Stewart Moyer

Portrait by Dan Austin

Voice acting since 2014, Stewart Moyer has a breadth of experience in acting. Ranging from stage acting in Edinboro University’s Laugh/Riot troupe as Ross in Macbeth and The Son in Six Characters in Search of an Author to podcasts (Cold Open Stories, Theolen Al-Amir) and Video Game mods (“The Forgotten City” for Skyrim, Gulvar and Vernon). You can find him on Twitter @reduxist.

Takudzwa Sharon Kirimi

Takudzwa is a passionate B.Arts student who loves storytelling and lending her voice to all kinds of characters. Her favourite being any woman in a position of power. You can find her on Twitter @SharyKirimi.

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