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Announcing a new podcast!

How Reading Suspense Changes Your Brain

Tales from the Reject Pile

A new fiction podcast called “Tales from the Reject Pile” will release in January of 2019. This podcast will breathe new life into previously rejected short stories. Because every writer knows that a rejection doesn’t mean your story is bad. Maybe the editor had a bad taco that day. Maybe the moon wasn’t in the right phase. Either way, this podcast allows writers to showcase works from their reject pile, folder, drawer, or closet to a brand new audience— YOU!

We’ve already got some fascinating stories lined up for the show. Is yours next?

Our submissions are currently open. To apply, please send an email to with your story and a copy of your rejection letter if one is available. (Don’t worry, we won’t read the letters on the show— it’s for proof of qualification. This show ONLY accepts rejects.)

Once the show is live, episodes and show notes will be posted right here. They will also be distributed via popular podcasting channels.

Please note that not every episode will be suitable for children, and the show notes will contain a complete list of content warnings as required. Listeners are encouraged to use their discretion.

We look forward to sharing these stories with you.