The featured image is “Cute Robot” by Ditrie Marie Bowie

Okay, I know. This has been a brutal year, globally and politically speaking. Communities around the world have been rife with divisive, hateful factions and narcissistic dictators.

The world, as we know it, seems headed straight for heck in a handbasket.

But if we focus on the injustices of life without acknowledging the gifts it brings, we only have access to part of the picture.

Personally, 2018 had its super sucky moments. My household weathered several health crises. There were surgeries involved and we have surgeries yet to come. I lost a position at a local company that I love. Mental illness waved its wiggly wand at me.

But, that’s not why I’m writing to you today.

This post is to recognize the wonderful parts of 2018. And there is so much to celebrate! In the past twelve months I’ve:

  • made several new queer friends
  • participated in a writing group
  • used a recording studio for the first time
  • was featured in two separate podcasts
  • played D&D for the first time
  • connected with many local artists
  • had my first-ever reading
  • volunteered at a writer’s festival
  • volunteered at a literacy festival
  • participated in four markets
  • found my passion

And it’s that last bullet point that has me so excited.

This is a process that has been years, maybe even decades, in the making.

Where do I truly belong?

Not “Where do people want me to be?” or “Where is the best place to make the most money?” but where do I belong?

After dabbling in music, writing, editing, marketing, comedy, and voice acting, I’ve finally found the answer.


“Otter” by Ditrie Marie Bowie

This year I’ve sold paintings, drawings, postcards, stickers, temporary tattoos, and real tattoo designs— each of my own design. I went to markets for the experience and came back with a secret: the people who are drawn to my artwork are the best kind of people.

Now, I’m not saying that just because they literally paid me. Because not all of them did. But every single person who took the time to interact with my art was genuine, friendly, funny, and vibrant.

If you’re still reading this, you probably are, too! And it makes SUCH a difference to meet my audience in person. This has been a year of growth, of pain, and of inspiration.

Want to support my work? Check out my RedBubble shop. Here’s a sneak-peek of some of the items you can find there:

In 2019, my posts will focus on individual designs and the creation process for each one. These posts will be open to my Patreon subscribers before anyone else has access to them.

I appreciate any and all financial support for my work. But more than anything else, I appreciate you. The vivacious, little bit wacky, kind-hearted, beautiful soul that you are. Your encouragement has helped me to find my place in a wide, wide world. And for that, I will be forever grateful. 💜

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