With these 50+ podcasts, you can bring your books anywhere without wearing out your eyeballs.

Podcasts for Book Lovers
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If you work with screens all day like I do, you get to a point where your eyes need a rest. You know what I mean. The fluffy zombie brain, the eyes drier than the surface of the moon. Just the thought of picking up a book and staring at it for hours might give you a headache. But modern technology provides us with a beautiful fix for this problem: audio.

Audiobooks and podcasts allow us to rest our eyes while absorbing new ideas. And they can keep us company during mundane tasks like doing laundry or riding the bus.

Truth be told, I didn’t get into podcasts until recently. Personally, I prefer visual and tactile experiences. But as my business has picked up, it’s meant more screen time. More posting, more scheduling, more designing, more staring into the face of a soulless glowing landscape of facts and possibility.

Eventually, my eyes had had enough.

Though the first podcasts I picked up were news-related, I quickly branched out into the reading and writing niches of the podcast world. (Like attracts like, right?) And I am 1,000% glad that I did.

Now during my breaks, I can happily consume a piece of flash fiction or listen to a literary breakdown of an ancient classic. All while resting my eyes. And you can, too!

The Best Podcasts for Story Lovers

Podcasts I Listen To

600 Second Saga

Produced, edited, and recorded by Mariah Avix, this is an excellent choice for people short on time. Each podcast episode is 10 minutes or less. The weekly show features flash fiction pieces in the sci-fi and fantasy genres. Full disclosure: Mariah is a good friend of mine and an incredible person. She puts a lot of heart into the show behind the scenes, and her narrating voice is pretty incredible.

Book Riot – The Podcast

Narrated by Book Riot’s editors, this weekly podcast focuses on noteworthy book news. And Book Riot has a whole slew of other book-related podcasts which are in my to-listen queue:




  • Recommended interesting people share their favorite books.
  • Hey YA focuses on noteworthy events in young adult literature.
  • Annotated a documentary series about language and reading.

The WIP Podcast

This weekly podcast is hosted by four writer friends at different stages in their writing careers. They are silly, raunchy, queer, and swear a lot. And they discuss various aspects of the writing process based on their own research and experiences. Full disclosure: I have also befriended some of these podcasters. They are wonderful, sweet people who are absolutely worth your time.

Other Podcasts Which Come Highly Recommended

These are podcasts I haven’t heard yet but found listed in articles by other book sites that I trust. Links to the original articles are in the headings. Please see the original articles or podcast links for full descriptions.

Book Riot Recommends:

Knockin’ Books Recommends:

Book Scrolling Recommends:

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