This tale’s a thrilling ride through time and space.

A Thrilling Sci-Fi Book Written by a Woman Scientist
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This week’s book is by a woman who is quickly becoming one of my favorite indie authors. Wielding a Ph.D. in Elementary Particle Physics and an MFA in Writing Popular Fiction, Lesley L. Smith brings a lot to the literary table. The book I’m reviewing today is the second in a series. As I’ve mentioned time and again, I rarely read book series in order and this time is no exception. I jumped into this book with both feet and absolutely no idea what happened in book one. And I was not disappointed.

Quantum Murder is an action-packed adventure with thrilling highs and lows. I gravitate towards books with catchy first lines, and the opening line of this book definitely hits the mark:

“My morning was going great until I got arrested for murder.” ~Quantum Murder by Lesley L. Smith

The protagonist, Madison Martin, is a physicist and professor who discovered a way to manipulate reality (I’m assuming this occurred in book one). She and a select few others are able to create, destroy, and teleport at will. As you can imagine, this kind of power leads to some dire consequences. But the book is deeper than a typical Sci-Fi or Mystery complete-the-quest or solve-the-murder trope. The narrative touches on romance from the woman’s perspective, which is totally empowering and completely different from the majority of traditional male-gaze narratives in Sci-Fi. Seeing the world through the eyes of a brilliant woman scientist is refreshing. And the plotting isn’t too shabby, either.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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