Transgender people have been around a long time and are here to stay.

One Book Every Cisgender Person Should Read

This week’s read is nonfiction, which is rare for me. It’s also written by a transgender woman about civil rights from the transgender community’s point of view. If this makes you uncomfortable, then you should really read this book. At the very least, you can walk away from it with a better understanding of what transgender people deal with every day.

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The Transgender Manifesto, by Ian Thomas Malone (she/her), opens with a flashy celebration of transgender people and an open defiance against the gender binary. Structure-wise, the book is divided into many bite-sized chapters. In each chapter, she addresses various components of life as a transgender person. From discussing the validity of non-binary genders to tackling the all-too-common discrimination transgender people face in society to this day. Malone also inserts tidbits from LGBTQ+ history. And she delves into contemporary politics.

Perhaps most interesting is how she tackles prejudice. She outlines the most common arguments flung against the transgender community. And then? Malone systematically refutes them. The author doggedly breaks down each point, one by one. In this book, she goes from fiery to philosophical and back again. It’s pretty fabulous.

Rating: 5 out of 5

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