Typos are fun. Editing is funner.

Typos aer my superpoewr
How many times has this happened to you? You’re writing a really important email. Maybe it’s a message about work. Or maybe it’s a job application. It may even be an article or story you’re submitting to a magazine. You’ve combed through it dozens of times searching for sneaky typos.

The first time, it’s like a seek and destroy mission. But by the second pass through, everything seems fine. Your message has great flow. It hits all the key points. And your confidence starts to build. This is going to be amazing. Maybe you will get the job/promotion/refugee aardvark from South Africa you’ve totally been trying to adopt for three years.  Perhaps this message, this crucial piece of writing is the greatest bit of literature you have ever produced. You might even change lives!

Full of confidence, you hit send. And as you listen to the magical whooshing sound as your words are rushed off into the cybersphere, you see it. The typo. And then it seems like the more you read your message, the more typos you find. How is this possible?!

No medium in this category, other than sent emails, frustrates me more than Twitter. Twitter is like a graveyard for lost typos.  And for years, the only options have been to leave them out there for everybody and their monkey to see or to delete them and pretend they never existed.

But maybe this never happens to you. Maybe there’s a gremlin who sprinkles typos into my messages the way some* people sprinkle cheese on pizza. A gremlin who leaves breadcrumbs all over my keyboard. And, hey, where did my sandwich go?



*I can’t have cheese. Or pizza. Not the normal kind, anyway. Chronic illnesses are fun (not). The food I can eat is expensive. So, uhh, here’s my tip jar?

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