Don’t you hate it when you get an uninvited guest?

uninvited guest
Life is an adventure. It’s always throwing curveballs at you even though it knows full well you don’t play sports ever since that incident in kickball. This week’s surprise came in the form of a flash out of the corner of my eye.

What was that?!

It was a super fast moving shadow, but I couldn’t get my brain to process what it saw. Did I make it up? Did I need a nap?

But then it happened again, a flash moving in the opposite direction!

That’s when I knew we either had a ginormous radioactive roach in the apartment or a Speedy Gonzalez.

After a bit more observation, it turned out to be the latter. Which is a big problem because I freaking love mice. The ears. The whiskers. The teeny tiny hands. *implodes*


The trap hasn’t worked yet, but I’m ever hopeful. It’s also weird how this whole trying-to-catch-an-animal thing has tapped into a deep part of my hindbrain. I’m like in full-on animal-tracking mode. What is it thinking? Where is it pooping? What is it chewing? And please to bees don’t let it die inside our walls and stink up the whole apartment. Sometimes my reactions seem a little silly, hence this week’s comic.

Uninvited Guest



In my defense, the water’s next to the trap and the food is in it. Will I catch it? Stay tuned to find out.

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