Ditrie's Workshop

Creative Magic and Energy Work

  • Painting


    Painting and I have a strange relationship. Come to think of it, that’s true of visual art, in general. I was trained in music and the written word. But as many in the arts will attest, there is a certain… something in all of them that will call to creatives at some point or another.… Read more

  • Brush


    Let the record show that I did, in fact, try to save you an extra step. ~Ditrie Almost all of my digital art is done using the Procreate App. And recently a little muse reminded me that you can create custom brushes in Procreate. So I did! The image above was made using my new… Read more

  • When Muses Speak

    When Muses Speak

    As this website endures its umpteenth makeover, it is well past time to admit a few things: So I’m done. I’m done trying to make everything look professional, whatever that is. I’m done researching tactics for this, that, and the other. If you find me, you find me. If you don’t, you don’t. The muses… Read more

  • Deconstruction of a Light Worker

    Deconstruction of a Light Worker

    Imagine for a moment that all the concepts that comprise the the general, shared ideas of modern spirituality have been written down into a single book. This reference volume would be the backbone of how we teach and learn spiritual ideas. It is the framework that we use to understand our experiences as individuals and… Read more