Auntie Ditrie

Magic and Wisdom for Your Everyday Life

Sessions Focus On:

  • Activation
  • Alignment
  • Clarity
  • Cleansing
  • Clearing
  • Connection
  • Communication
  • Empowerment
  • Extraction
  • Guidance
  • Protection
  • Support

Auntie Ditrie has a powerful gift for spiritual healing and connection. It doesn’t matter if you’re a skeptic or super religious. Auntie Ditrie will meet you where you’re at in a safe, respectful, and inspiring way.

Auntie Ditrie is a certified Reiki Master, a Tarot reader, a spirit worker, and a shaman.

Healed Taino ancestors and modern behike/bohuito initiated Ditrie in the dreaming as a boitu and curse breaker for her family line’s feminine aspect.

As a member of the disconnected diaspora, the benevolent ancestors guided her first to Reiki training and attunements and then towards the general shamanic studies that were available here in Canada.

Healed Black ancestors also work with her through divination, sacred concepts and stories, and protection. Auntie Ditrie has not been initiated into any closed Black Ancestral practices as her ancestors didn’t think it appropriate or necessary.

However, they occasionally grant permission for simple cowrie shell divinations (on a case by case basis as they see fit), adornments for ceremonies, and other infusions of their energies into her overall boitu duties.

Though Ditrie is nonbinary and has no preference for which pronouns are used to describe them, their healed ancestors often use “she/her” when referring to them due to the ceremonial role which Ditrie is completing in their family line.

Not All Spirit Workers Are The Same!

Whether or not you book a session with Auntie Ditrie, he would like you to practice care and discernment when choosing a spiritual advisor.

Not everyone will be the best fit for your energy and needs. And, unfortunately, not everyone claiming to do this work has your best interests at heart. Unethical spirit workers and scammers have the ability to cause significant mental, emotional, psychological, and financial damage. Please choose your mentors with care.

He also wants to remind you that metaphysical healing is not a substitute for counseling, therapy, and/or appropriate medical care.

Anything discussed in sessions does not constitute legal or medical advice. Clients are personally responsible for any actions they take, and Ditrie strongly recommends that clients consult certified experts in those fields before engaging in any actions with real-world consequences.

Sessions with Auntie Ditrie are confidential, and nothing occurs in them without your explicit, informed consent (which can be withdrawn at any time). Because of the need for informed consent, it is not possible to purchase sessions on others’ behalf. Also, clients must be at least 18 years old or accompanied by a parent/guardian.