My goal is to do what I do best: tell stories and help people.

Book Reviews, Productivity Tips, and Other Delightful Things for Busy People

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From book reviews to productivity tips and other delightful things, I cut through all the noise so you don’t have to. After all, don’t you have better things to do?

Of course, you do!

You’ve got plans, dreams, and goals. You take pride in your work and/or studies because you believe that, ultimately, it will secure a better future for yourself and your loved ones.

But maybe you feel a little worn down right now. All that running around takes a lot of energy, not to mention all the pressure. Deadlines breathe down your shoulder. You feel stressed, frazzled, maybe a little bit on the zombie side. When all you want is to snuggle up with a good book or steal back some time for yourself.

This site can help you do that.

Take back your life and find the time to do the things you love.

History of This Site

I started this blog in 2015 because I felt compelled to share my ideas. Blogging wasn’t new to me at the time. I’ve had about a dozen personal blogs on and off since 2005. (Livejournal, Tumblr, Wix, Weebly, Zynga, Blogger, and WordPress) However, something about this blog was different. When it first started, I had recently met the love of my life and moved to Canada after teaching music in the United States for 9 years. We got married. And, I went through the complicated and nerve-wracking process of applying for permanent residency.


Understandably, this blog has gone through several transitions through the years. First, it was a humor site. When I published my first Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel, Fillius Glint, the tone of the site changed. The site became more authorly and focused on writing tips and book reviews. Still, something didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel like me. This, compounded with some severe financial and health setbacks affecting several of my family members, pushed me to take a leap of faith. In the middle of 2017, I created my own business: Ditrie Marie Bowie Writing, Editing, Marketing, and Design. (It’s a mouthful, I know.)

My goal is to do what I do best: tell stories and help people.


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  1. Hey, I was recommended your blog by @SarahBruso and I just wanted to let you know how awesome I think it is. From the moment I saw that one lonely chair with the balloon I knew this was a party I wanted to be at. The sports are evil post had me in stitches. Looking forward to reading much more from yo.

  2. Thank you for the follow Ditrie. Your resume is impressive and I’m humbled to be followed by someone of your caliber. I give you a warm welcome to my blog and looking forward of getting to know you more.

  3. Was just reading about you…We have a lot in common, I am just finishing my uni course of creative design! And it would seem you have done it. Im on my final assignment now. Great blog and about me page

      1. Yes! One week left and then onto my level 2 course of participation inclusion and equality; how SEN integrate into mainstream schools 🙂 And I totally get you about your post on “do not bend!” How annoying!

  4. Hola Ditrie! I’m so happy we’ve connected. You have a great blog here and I’ve really been enjoying reading your posts. Off to press FOLLOW now! Have a great day!

  5. Hey Ditrie, Sure glad to see your familiar face! Your site is amazing! Really like the clicky clicky to get in the door. Very creative. Love that you love and make a living with music.

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Ditrie took an ugly, messy, mishmashed manuscript and turned it into a wonderful, consistent, clean, and quite beautiful manuscript. She’s a joy to work with. Ditrie turned the work around very quickly, made changes (even when it was switching back from what I initially said I wanted), and improved the work tremendously.

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